[Game Diary] 夢色キャスト – Yumeiro Cast | October《#02》

Enjoy yet another bad not-so-accurate-at-all translation for Kaito’s Bday

28th October ~ 11th November

Birthday Event

Octobe 30th is Kaito’s Bday! Aka today! And to celebrate, if you log in today you’ll get 20 Yume Stones and a Hamster Birthday Cake to give to Kaito. Kaito’s Birthday event comes in three parts, first part is his solo song “PASSION LASER BEAM” is added to the daily songs until the event is over. A special limited item can be gained as a reward for clearing Full parts which can be given to Kaito as a lil bday present. Second part is logging in on the 30th of October to get a special birthday log in bonus. Third part is a higher chance at getting Kaito cards at the premium gacha.

For Kaito’s bday every cast member will have a lil thing to say on the home screen. Its just a lil easter egg and Kaito pretty sly about it and says “Oi, do you know what today is? Dont ya have something to say to me?”. Kaito pls.

His bday present item gained through musicals is a smol piano shaped musical box which plays something from his ol band days. Of course, this’ll please him a lot (bonus tension up & love up). His birthday cake is a one time item that can only be gained through logging in today so don’t waste it on someone else lol.

There will be a birthday stream with Kaito’s seiyuu from 8:50pm, Japan time, today on nico douga. I’m not sure what the contents on the stream will be, so we’ll just have to find out tonight. Stream will be opened at 8:50pm and will start at 9pm, Japan time that is.

Screen shot 2015-10-30 at 11.10.10 PM
Left: Yuu Hayashi | Right: Yuuto Uemura

The hosts of the stream were Ryouta Oosaka (Kyouya), Yuuto Uemura (Hinata) & Yuu Hayashi (Kaito). One surprising thing was seeing how taller Yuuto is compared to Yuu, but only just a bit lol. There were some things during the stream that went over my head but there were some things that I did understand, so bear with me. They had Hinata’s seiyuu play “Mysterious Mission” on expert, seeing that he was boasting he could get an S Rank, and were like ‘If you get an S Rank, everybody tuning into the stream will get a Rare Ticket’. Pressures on for Hinata’s seiyuu.

But in the end he managed to clear it with 3 mistakes… and half a millimetre away from getting an S Rank. He was so close too, he was completely devastated lol.

Screen shot 2015-10-31 at 11.35.41 AM

Then the whole stream went black and we were greeted with a Happy Birthday Kaito banner and a birthday cake with the hamster franchise thingys that Kaito likes so much.

So next up is Yuu’s turn to play “PASSION LASER BEAM” on Hard and getting an S Rank, but he’s under ‘penalty game’ conditions. If he wins they all eat cake, if he loses only Yuuto and Ryouta eat the birthday cake. He was going great until near the end where he had a lot of mistakes but managed to get an S Rank and everyone on the stream got a rare ticket too.

Somewhere along the stream they announced some Yumeiro goods, such as character badges, microfiber towels (?) and other things. I have a feeling most of that merch was for the AGF (Animate Girls Festival). I think there will be more merch to come in the following months. Then they showed off Nono’s Kaito bday illustration, which can be seen on their twitter.

The rest is a lil fuzzy because it was late at night for me. But it was a fun time imo. I think they’re holding another one in November? I’m not sure.

Anyway, happy bday, fictional character guy.

he's turning 3 years old
he’s turning 3 years old btw


New Songs

As mentioned above, we get a new daily song “PASSION LASER BEAM” but also two Halloween songs “Mysterious Mission” and “Horror’s Party” (BGM only) that accompanies the newly added Halloween gacha cards.  ‘Mysterious Mission’ seems to be Hinata vocals only song, I kinda wish they released a few more songs from “Hello,We Dance!” (Edit: No wait, they did add a new one.) but I’ll settle with this one for now. Tho every time I hear Hinata go “Party night, Funky night” I chuckle to myself. Its got a good beat to it, like most songs it feels a bit slow when you’re playing on easy but when you’re on the harder difficulties you can really feel the beat. Maybe a bit catchy? I’m not sure I haven’t played it too much lol.

‘Horror’s Party’ is just a BGM track and was implemented into the game somewhere in early November. It seems that I got my wish when I said ‘I wished for more Hello,We Dance! songs & some event furniture’ with this song because by playing around with it and its difficulties you can get some Halloween furniture for your home screen. Complete set will look something like this:

2015-11-05 12.32.03

‘PASSION LASER BEAM’ really demonstrates Kaito’s seiyuu’s vocal range, well thats what I think. He’s got a nice singing voice tbh. Its prolly one of my fav songs now. Too bad these songs are gonna disappear after November 11th, or so I think.

28th October ~ 11th November
28th October ~ 11th November


New gacha cards from “Hello, We Dance!” series has been added & chances of getting the cards are up until November 11th. After that the chances of getting them are set to normal. Also who would’ve thunk it that Hinata would get another UR gacha card lol. The UR~SR cards look really gr8, too bad my luck is awful. So far I’ve only got ‘Frankenstein’ Iori, but I’d give an arm and a leg to get at least Subaru and/or Kaito’s cards.

Speaking of Kaito’s card, wtf is up with those booty shorts lol.

Screen shot 2015-10-30 at 11.36.00 AM

Upon ‘awakening’ (fusing two cards to make a better one) & maxing the level of these cards you’ll get a CG (as shown above) and a lil drama episode. But don’t take my word for it because I might have translated it wrong.

If I were to guess these guys’ occult costumes, I’d think Hinata is a witch, Sousei is a Vampire/Bat/Demon hybrid, Kaito is a scissor (?) wielding mummy, Subaru is your friendly neighbourhood werewolf, Kyouya is a vampire doing a Tomoaki Maeda face, Iori is a ‘Frankenstein’ aka Frankenstein’s monster and Jin is a male stripper Grim reaper. Yeah, that sounds just about right…

Goods Exchange Shop is located underneath the gachas, colored in yellow/gold
Goods Exchange Shop is located underneath the gachas, colored in yellow/gold

Goods Exchange Shop

I never referred to this in my breakdown because I didn’t understand how to get ‘Possession vouchers’ but now I do and now that they’ve added more goods I can finally talk about it.

The goods exchange shop is a place where you can exchange ‘Possession vouchers’ for goods such as AP 100% refill, coach cards as well as SR cards that cannot be found anywhere else. Right now they’ve made available all the SR cards from the “Black Tailcoat” series, the cards similar to the black suit Kyouya card given out as a privilege bonus. Here are the cards available:

These SR cards costs about 100 Possession Vouchers and can only be claimed twice. They’ve been available since the 28th of October and will be gone by the 30th of March 2016.

But how does one get these vouchers? Its pretty simple, but a lil heart breaking. You have to sell your R~UR cards to get vouchers, selling N cards do not give you vouchers. I’ve only sold my R cards which gave me 3 vouchers each, not sure what SR and UR give out. If you completed the tutorial quests you’ll also get 3 vouchers. I’ve yet tried selling my R coach cards so I’m not sure if they give out vouchers for them too.

To sell your cards you have to go to Cast [キャスト] > Cast List [キャスト一覧] (4th Option) > Cast Leave [キャスト退団] (The white button on the bottom) > Choose the cards you want to sell (R~UR cards give you the vouchers), confirm and then you’re done. You can only sell cards that are not in teams and are not locked/favorited.

I only have about 21 vouchers, but I’ve got some time to accumulate some more R cards to sell, even tho I wish I didn’t have to sell cards that I still need to awaken.

As always thanks for reading. Until next event _(:3 」∠ )_

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