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[Mobile] Quick Look at… ボーイフレンド(仮) – Boyfriend (Mini Review)


If you want a boyfriend be prepared to cough up a lot of money.


Before I go on with this review I wanna make things clear on what I’m gonna do for “Quick Look at..” Mini reviews. So far there are two kinds of mini reviews: “Thoughts on…” and now “Quick look at…“. The differences between the two is that “Thoughts on” is gonna be for stuff that are on my mind but can’t be bothered making a full review on (like unfinished games) and “Quick look at” is for mobile and/or browser games mini reviews. For Quick Look at, I’ll be playing an app game that I had no interest in playing or never heard of it/not looked deep into it and I’ll be playing them for about 5 days tops & churn out a lil review on what I thought of it. After the trial period I’ll say whether I’d like to continue playing it or delete the app completely.

I’ll be doing these reviews during the down period between enstar events because thats the only time when I’m kinda free lol. Of course these mini reviews are just my thoughts, don’t take them too seriously if you’re a big fan of the series that I’m reviewing because I prolly know jack shit & I’m just writing based on my 5 day impressions.

Note: When I say ‘mini review’ it doesn’t quite mean its gonna be short, so please bear with me.

After seeing it popping up in my B’s Log issues I decided to try it out for myself. Boyfriend/BF (Kari) is pretty much ‘purchase your boifriend through gachas: The Game”. At first I thought it was (彼) instead of (仮), and had been reading it as kare until now, which shows how bad I am at reading kanji. This mobile app has been out for quite some time, releasing in early December of 2013, it’s been able to keep going for about 2 years. Which is impressive to me, but considering the use of microtransactions in this game it shouldn’t be surprising its still there & still having regular players.

As a freeloader player, I don’t really plan on putting in real moneys to an app game to get certain game currency, so I don’t really plan on changing that for this game but boy oh boy are they pushing me to. One gripe I have for this game is the use of microtransactions, using real money to buy in-game goods/currency. Of course this kind of thing is a common practice for most app games, lets not kid ourselves, but here ‘boyfriend coins‘/’coins‘ seem to be hard to come by through just in-game hard work without having to whip out your wallet and buy some, or so I think because I’ve yet to happen upon opportunities on gaining them coins.

all yo yens
all yo yens

Boyfriend coins are the main currency for the higher quality gachas with seasonal themed cards or SSR cards. Of course there are gachas where you can use in-game gained items such as tickets and currency but what you’re gonna get isn’t of the highest quality unless you strike lucky. When I first started playing I got a few hundred of those coins and gained some R or HR cards, just my luck I never got a single SR card which isn’t surprising with my luck. I must have some terrible luck because whenever I see other players they all have SR/SSR cards as their main guy lol. This could just me being butthurt or whatever but srsly tho is the only way to gain coins is through real money? Really? Help me out here, I want to believe this game has some heart.

But besides that, it’s pretty easy to get by playing with just N~HR cards. Unless you really want a SR card of your fav bf I don’t see any reason getting boyfriend coins, esp when 1 bf coin = 1 yen.

Moving onto gameplay, when I first logged into the app I was just thrown into the game with no tutorials. Maybe I somehow skipped the tutorials or it thought I was a continuing player, I still had to make sense of this game with nothing to go on other than my previous experiences with these types of card collecting games lol. But tbh theres so much going on with this game that even now I’m still a bit confused. You’ve got your card collecting elements, merging cards to make a higher rarity card, mini bf stories for each card that can be and then theres other elements I’m not used to seeing…

best boy of the series
best boy of BF mode

Theres “BF Mode” where you’re given a range of guys (just a small handful tho) and you choose whose route you want to read and get either their Love or Friendship ends which then unlock a secret end to reach to which I have yet to do. I only achieved two love ends with two guys so far and I think they’re good, well one of them, whose name I forgot, was more outstanding than the other imo. Tbh I came into this game for Himuro and Takeru but in the end was disappointed to see that they didn’t have a BF Mode of their own. Anyway if you’re more interested in a guy’s personal story then this is the place to go to, even tho the range of stories you can read is pretty limited to a select few.

Then theres “Mission Mode” which is basically ‘RPG Quests for eternity’. I only played that a few times and I see no end to it. You walk around the map, which consumes your energy, to pick up quest items or talk to other guys & get quests. You’re rewarded with stuff for each mission quest and thats just about it. I’d say its useful if you’re running low on resources and have nothing else to do with your energy meter.

There are other game mechanics in this game but I really can’t recall them all unless I want to do a full review, plus I’m really forgetful.


hes so cute
hes so cute, pls give me more cards of him

So whats good about this game? The fact that theres no ‘sub characters’ & everyone is pretty much dateable(?). In my mind I kept thinking that there must be about 100 characters in this because I keep meeting so many new characters and I see no end, but there should be about 30+ characters in the roster more or less. Like in the end you’ll find characters that you’ll like, theres no doubt about that. I even came to like more characters other than Himuro and Takeru (more or less because I can’t even get their characters and get to know them better). I couldn’t seem to find a good opportunity to put down my iPod and stop playing because I just wanted to keep reading and see how my fav character interacts, that and because theres just so much to do in this game lol.

Of course the artwork is another selling point. Nice and clean, and it gets better in quality with the SR/SSR cards. The only problem I have is the chibi characters for the 3 types of heroines you can choose from, which seem to be drawn with less quality compared to other character’s chibis.

Also did I talk about the characters lol. Theres a bunch of characters that appear to be like average but then once you see them interact and talk you’ll see their true nature. Like the student council president looks like a pretty chill guy but by the looks of most of his SR cards he’s some kind of peropero machine.

What I’m saying here is that theres a bunch of interesting characters lined up, and I think they’re still adding some more in. If I could waste my time I’d do it reading each character’s story. I have about 130+ character card stories piled up to be read and I’ve yet to finish reading them because more gets added to the pile lol. So two main points for me in this game is the characters & stories.

But what’s disappointing about it? One thing for sure is the microtransactions, another thing is that I feel kind of sick when I play it. By sick I mean I feel like I’m dying because I have so much to do in the game that I’m just sitting motionless in the same spot for 4 hours. Its ok to have a lot mechanics and gameplay in a game but bruh you’re killing me here. Its to the point that I’ve become a bit disconnected and uninterested with the game. I guess you could say that this game’s gameplay addiction got the better of me. If it wasn’t for the characters I’d drop it during the third or fourth day. But that’s just my opinion/feelings. It’s not quite my kind of game, even though I’ve played these types of card collecting games and I kind of felt the same at the start of playing enstars because I was confused too.

If I had more time playing it maybe I’d like it more but it’s just not doing anything for me right now. Which then leads to my verdict…


I’m gonna play at least one or two days more of it. If I still feel the same disconnected feeling I’m gonna delete it. It’s not a bad game, its just not the kind of game I want to play regularly without turning into a mindless zombie (I’m almost there with all these app games I’m playing already). But watch me go back to playing it and pushing moneys into it lol.

As always thanks for reading  _(:3 」∠ )_