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[Game Diary] 刀剣乱舞 Touken Ranbu | October《#02》

Day 197 | Saniwa Lvl 64 | Average sword lvl 40’s

Stuck on Map 6-1

Foxy Grandpa has yet to come home…


I still don’t know whens a good time to write up a Touken Ranbu diary seeing that its events are so random and unpredictable. Maybe I’ll write one near the end of the month, who knows.

Anyway, as usual I’ve been playing it on and off, or whenever I remember that I had expeditions that I need to see come back. But one thing’s for sure is that I progressed more into this game than my last diary entry. One main progress milestone: I made it into world 6 (still didnt manage to get a Kogitsunemaru boss drop). Another big milestone: Otegine and Tsurumaru finally came home. Tbh Otegine seems more useful than Tonbokiri as a yari (no offense Tonbokiri, I still love ya).

As for my swords, they’re still a bit weak. I can’t even get my babby tantous through map 6-1 because they’re still too weak and the only strong swords I have are Tachis and Oodachis, which have a disadvantage in that map so I’m not gonna take a chance in my precious swords breaking. I haven’t had a single sword break and I’m gonna keep it that way, knock on wood and stuff like that.

go myself 2 balls
got myself 2 balls

The new and upcoming implementations seem to have good potential, one of them being that recall pigeon item (which costs real moneys to get but still looks cute & helpful). We got a taste of the next upcoming event that’ll happen tomorrow (29th October) with the “Uncharted Village of Challenges (Practice)” which I found to be a nice refreshing change. The newly added mechanics adds a little bit of tension when playing. Basically its kind of like gambling (which wouldn’t surprise me because the event balls/beads remind me of pachinko balls), continue on with the risk of losing all your “balls” or go home like a coward, missing out your chance on getting more “balls”. Which is nice because we’re given a chance to use more strategy when playing.

The rewards for collecting balls didn’t seem like much tho, seeing that I already have Nagasone & Urashima and I don’t feel the need to go out of my way to collect a lot of balls to get some golden armory guys. I think it was also gr8 that we’re given a chance to use our koban for stuff other than BGs. As for the practice event overall, I think it needs to be polished a lil bit more if its gonna be an official event that’ll go on for a long time. I just wish that they changed the difficulty for the third map, because I keep on getting wiped out by those overpowered enemy Tachis lol. I hope that you still get kicked out of them map when your whole team is wiped out and have their HPs replenished because I cannot handle the thought of my swords breaking. One thing I know for sure about the official event is that we’ll be getting a new wakizashi, possibly a boss drop or a reward for collecting a certain amount of balls… Are they called balls or beads? I don’t know which one sounds better, especially out of context.

Nothing much happened this month. They’re really slow when it comes to implementing events and stuff imo. How many new swords have been introduced now? How many times have we had events? But I guess they’re slowly getting into the rhythm of things. Hopefully we’ll get more stuff happening next year, maybe some new mechanics too.

Next event we’ll be introduced to Monoyoshi Sadamune (CV: Kensho Ono), a wakizashi which means this isn’t exactly the Sada-chan we’re looking for, because he was described as being a tantou. Or so I remember. Hopefully I’ll be able to get my hands on this event sword this time. Especially when I really need all the wakizashi I can get.

And so that was this month’s diary. Sorry for it being so small in length than my usual ones, but there really much to write about especially when I’m writing it so late into the month where I’ve already forgotten everything lol. Which is peculiar because I could’ve just waited until the event started the next day to write this but did this anyway. I guess I just don’t want to leave October blank, even tho this is kind of ended up being a boring diary entry.

Anyway, thanks for reading. Until next time  _(:3 」∠ )_

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