[Goods] Mystery Goods (October)

2015-10-26 09.58.54

Won’t be doing this so often, and its not a big mystery when I already know what I bought. But still. Oooh what could it possibly be? So mysterious. Jk jk.


Well its not a big haul but it was cheap. Back in August I preordered these because I was worried that they would sell out quickly because of my previous experience when trying to get Hasebe goods (aka that one badge that sold out quickly). Thankfully I can finally say I’m a proud owner of a Hasebe wrist pillow lol.

As the name suggests, its a pillow for your wrists to rest on when typing or on your computer. Kind of fitting, considering Touken Ranbu is a browser game. If you think I just bought it for funsies let me tell you I need a wrist pillow for when I use my mouse because my wrists always dig into the edge of my desk whenever I play Touken Ranbu. Plus I always wanted a pillow of Hasebe’s face lol.

When I say it was cheap I mean it was 720 yen. Which is alright for a pillow that size. It’s not that big, but its big enough to fit both your wrists onto & prolly the same dimensions as an average keyboard. That said whenever I position my wrists on the pillow it always covers both Hasebes on the pillow, maybe it was designed like that on purpose? Who knows. Anyway heres a lil demonstration with my prehistoric macbook:

2015-10-26 11.47.26

It’s not as puffy as I thought it would be, the material is prolly polyester, I’m not quite sure but it feels a bit stiff. Anyway, good stuff. Now I don’t have to suffer anymore lol.

Next is Japanese Paper File Hasebe, which upon purchase I thought was gonna be a plastic file but it really is made of paper. I thought the paper bit was meant to be like “yes its a file, yes it holds papers”, but I guess I was wrong. Now I’m kind of afraid of ripping it by accident.

Size is about 22cm x 31 cm (8.6 inches x 12.2 inches), prolly the same size as an A4 paper maybe a bit bigger. It seems a bit fragile but the design looks gr8. Same goes for the other paper files in this series, all of them are so nicely designed that I want to buy them all. They’re 270 yen each, without tax, so if you want a presentable paper file to hand to your teacher with your assignment or hand your resume inside this then just knock yourself out and do it (I know I will, jk jk).

The paper file with Imanotsurugi & Iwatooshi is esp cute because they’re a matching pair.Too bad they’re already sold out.

And that ends that mystery goods October. Not gonna see another one until next time I’m up for buying some merch I want. Until then, thanks for reading.

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