[Mobile] Privileges (October/November) – 夢色キャスト – Yumeiro Cast

Time to talk about bonus gifts Yumeiro is handing out this month, not gonna do this often, only sometimes. Most of these expire next month so be sure you get them.


How to obtain ‘Privileges’:


  1. Go to Menu > Click onto Privileges (the icon with a present box, marked with a 9 on my diagram above). You’ll then be booted into an internet browser and onto the Privilege page
  2. Click onto the banner you wish to receive a bonus from (As seen below, further into this post) > Scroll down until you see a button that says 「ゲーム開始」(start game) It should be a colorful rainbow-ish button > Click that button and it’ll reopen your app.
  3. When back into your game you may get a message saying you received the bonus (if you haven’t got that message refresh your home screen) > Go to the present icon found in your home screen and you’ll find your bonus > Press the button next to the bonus to get it.

Note: You can only get privileges once and you must have your game installed to get it.

SR Kyouya card

Campaign Expires: 4th November

To celebrate the airing of the TV commercial, Yumeiro is giving out a free SR Kyouya card. It was the bonus card for a character poll held before the game released, to find who was the most popular character and was a bonus given out to those who pre-registered. For those who got the card at the start of the game’s release can also get this privilege bonus to ‘Make Up!’ it into a different card, which I did straight away.

300K Download Bonus (Stones & AP items)

Campaign Expires: 4th November

In celebration of 300,000 downloads, Yumeiro is giving out 20x Yume Stones and 3x AP items (100% refill). If you desperately need yume stones or AP items I highly suggest you get these ASAP before the campaign expires. Of course you can only receive this once.

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    1. How did you lose your account? Did you accidentally deleted the app?
      I’m not sure how to recover an account if you deleted the app because to recover it you need your account password thing which you can only get when you still have the app. I wrote something about account transfer here:

      If you have the app still installed I think you’ll be able to recover it but otherwise I’m not sure how to get it back, sorry (´・ω・`)


      1. are you sure you put the right codes into the right input, like your account ID inputted in the first box and the transfer password into the second? I havent quite used the transfer code stuff myself so I’m not sure. Wish I could be more helpful, sorry.

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