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[Game Diary] あんスタ – Ensemble Stars | October《#04》


Merch Spotlight

Usually this section would be news but I think it’d be better to just do a lil spotlight on some merch that piqued my interests. So when there’s no big news update on the game itself and theres some merch that I wanna talk about I’ll put this section in before going into the event. If there’s no merch I wanna talk about, there won’t be a merch spotlight section. With that cleared up I present to you all the “Big Cushion” thats prolly an animate exclusive:

Screen shot 2015-10-20 at 10.13.17 PM
Release date: 21st January 2016

As of 20th of October, Preorders for these pillows were available and close on November 23rd. There are 16 pillows in total, 3,500 yen + 280 yen in tax. Dimensions are 60cm x 40 cm (23.6 inches x 15.7 inches), most images are landscape oriented while some may be portrait oriented with both front and back images. Sadly because its limited to 16 variants of pillows you may not find your fav character. Characters are as followed:

*Links for the pillows no longer exist, sadly. Its called limited for a reason

If you want to own your very own big ass pillow of your fav character and you got some moneys to spare be sure to preorder before the preorders close. If you know me well you’ll prolly guess that I’ve already set my eyes on that Adonis pillow, if I had more money to spare I would’ve bought a couple more. Then again I wouldn’t have enough room left in my bed if I did lol.

Quick note: Animate does not ship overseas, however they do accept overseas credit/debit cards. They way I purchase animate goods is through using forwarding services (I mainly use BigInJapan), where animate ships to their address and then they ship it my address with a fee of course. I don’t have much experience with any other forwarding service other than BigInJapan and so far they’ve been gr8, so I can recommend using them but do try to shop around and look around for better alternatives.

16th October ~ 26th October
16th October ~ 26th October


Intensive Training! Uneven Pair Lessons features Shinobu, Yuuta, Keito, Wataru, Hajime, Kanata, Souma & Tori swapping clothes for a day. Why? Well happy elements has thrown us some curve balls in the past, I’m sure most of us were expecting a Halloween event because I know I was. I guess this was happy elements changing things up and what a nice change it is. We got a lil taste of unit uniform swaps with Makoto wearing Izumi’s in the Duel event, but this event was a real treat esp with these rare pairing of characters that worked out so well.

Theres a 9 part story that explores each unit swap pair. Imo this event’s story kind of felt a bit short, even in terms of story part length seemed a lil short. Maybe after having those long event stories in the past had spoilt me. Tho I apprieciate what this event story gave us: the beautiful, blooming friendship of Shinobu and Yuuta. Seeing my ninja idol son gain more friends brings tears to my eyes and just lifts up my heart. I think its gr8 because I don’t really see Yuuta as having many friends either despite his friendly personality, or maybe I haven’t seen any other character interactions with him besides his big bro.

Anyway this event was basically “lets strengthen our talents by putting ourselves in the shoes of other fellow performers”, but also gave many an excuse to draw more fanart with other characters unit swapped. Always srs Keito was paired up with oddball Wataru, poor kid Hajime was paired up with rich bocchama Tori, fishman Kanata was paired with swordman Souma and introverted Shinobu was paired with extroverted Yuuta. Seeing a pattern here? Mainly I think the point was to mix opposite characters together and see all the hell that breaks loose. Which ended up with just Keito butting heads with Wataru who’s just like ‘lol whatever’.

Keito and Wataru’s interaction was interesting too. You have this goofy character Wataru and the always angwy Keito interacting with each other. Wataru even stole his glasses just before they changed into each other’s uniforms for the lesson, which was amusing to me seeing Keito freak out. Apparently he can’t be calm without his glasses which got me thinking how did he change his clothes by himself lol. I’d like to see a more vulnerable Keito (because he seems so arrogant at times) but I’ll settle with this moment…

At the end of the event everyone seemed to have learnt something new about themselves and of each other, so the lesson plan was a success. Plus we got these new friendships going on to. Hajime got a new friend, Tori got a new servant… which I wouldn’t blame him, Hajime seems to be a gr8 servant in terms of his skills (sewing, tea, gardening (? i think), pretty much a hard worker). Tho I feel kind of sorry for Hajime because he sees Tori as a friend now but Tori’s like “hells yea my 3rd servant”.

Imo I think Hajime looks gr8 as a fine member, same goes for Tori. They’re prolly the ones that look like that could really pull it off and fit in without anyone noticing lol. Keito kinda looks like tuxedo mask as a fine member, maybe its the suit and hat, who knows. Rly glad that this event included all the 5*~4* card CGs too because most of them look gr8, esp Yuuta’s unbloomed card. He looks so cute there why.

ngl shinobu has a petable head
ngl shinobu has a petable head

Epilogue of the event had everyone walking home together, which ended up with Souma pointing his sword at Yuuta (for a reason that I can’t remember) with Shinobu trying to protect his new found friend by stepping between the Souma and Yuuta only to end up crying. Aw poor babby. Then he’s like “pls turn around Transfer Student-dono, I don’t want you to see me cry because its embarassing”, ya can’t get any cuter than this www. Shinobu is truly a treasure that needs to be protected at all costs.

Intensive Training! Uneven Pair Lessons event cards:

And that was the event so far, we’re almost half way through it and I’m struggling really badly lol. I thought I’d take it easy but it appears theres a lot of ppl competing for that Shinobu & Yuuta card that I found myself nearly at rank 60,000. Wow. Still trying to keep myself within the 30,000~50,000 boundary so I can get that Kanata card but boy oh boy is it hard to keep up.

Maybe it was because of those AP healing items that was given out during the 1 million download bonus event, that everyone got so high up in the ranks. Then again I wasn’t playing it that thoroughly at the start of the event.

Also how about that switch up on not doing a Halloween event. I was so certain. Even in my previous diary entry I said I was sure they’d do it (prolly with UNDEAD). I’m at a lost.

“Make it happen, Happy Elements. Halloween, UNDEAD. You know what to do.”

~ Billy, September 2015 (probably)

I don’t think the next one would be a Halloween event seeing that this one finishes at the 26th and its takes around 5 days, more or less, for Happy Elements to announce a new one. Ya got me good, Happy Elements. But I’ll accept this event’s gacha as an apology…

If I were to try and guess what next event would be I’d say ??? I dunno. They’re getting more and more unpredictable that I don’t even know what they’ll throw at us next. But I’m hoping Koga will appear in either an event or gacha because I haven’t heard from him since the sports festival. Surprise me, Happy Elements, just surprise me.

16th October ~ 27th October

Scout Gacha

Scout! Policeman features Adonis, Yuzuru, Chiaki somehow arresting himself & Tsukasa as policemen for the day… or so I think. Of course Adonis does not fire a gun in a burning building on school campus. Having all 4 cards in a unit activates the “Policeman” unit skill. Because I did a 145 diamond scout and managed to get some Policeman cards I got to read the whole story. But who’s cards did I get? Well … ;^)

Tho I was freaking out because my iPod decided to crash enstars before I could see whose card I got, in the end my prayers were answered and I finally got an event card Adonis card. That holding off until an Adonis gacha card happened really paid off in the end, I tell you.

Anyway, the story starts off with Sagami-sensei asking you/the transfer student to round up some students for the “deputy police chief for a day” thing (or so I think), more or less its PR for the Idols. Next scene is Adonis by himself wondering what he’ll have for lunch. It’s revealed that he’s been given little allowance by his older sisters (apparently a few thousand yen aka prolly 10 bucks, give or take) and he’s trying to budget for the month & is wondering if he should buy from the cafeteria some lunch but even that would blow his budget and he doesn’t want to leech off fellow students. If you know Adonis, food to him is everything and for him to go without food because of his sisters is just awful.

Thankfully the transfer student pops up with a boxed lunch and gives it to Adonis, tho I’m not sure if she actually knew of his situation because he never said it out loud, saying she made a little too much. Which we are then treated to the first blushing and smiling CG of Adonis I ever did see. I’m legit crying, this side story is so touching I just can’t.

thank you happy elements
thank you happy elements

Tbh when I was in High school I also had a similar predicament with Adonis but for different reason. Mainly because I was anxious to eat in front of my friends, I never did buy food at school to eat and I didn’t like eating sandwiches from home & I’d go hungry for each lunch break. So Adonis’ situation kinda hits home, then again I did use that lunch money to buy pokemon black and white 2 (which is another story). Anyway, enough of personal stories for now.

Makoto then catches Adonis and Transfer Student eating together and is like “Since when were they that close??????”. I always thought as Makoto’s comments like “Could it be that you called me for a love confession?!” and other similar comments as jokes but this is the first time where I see Makoto thinking like “I’m so jealous of Adonis eating Transfer Student-chan’s home made lunch box” without it being a joke. Because who is he joking to unless he’s like that in his head to? Damn Makoto are you thirsty or something lol.

Makoto then follows Adonis & Transfer Student and immediately Adonis notices with his gr8 eyesight that Makoto is tracking them. Makoto comes clean going “I was thinking maybe Transfer Student-chan was cheating with UNDEAD or something” but is like ‘ye i get youre everyones producers but still’. Makoto pls. This is where I stopped paying attention and everyone is talking about taking part in the police guy for a day thing but Makoto can’t make it because of his part time job or something.

I only payed attention to the last part of the story and some things about Yuzuru noticing Tsukasa’s undying loyalty going “Not only you captured Bocchama’s heart but Tsukasa as well”. Then there was a whole Chiaki’s skinship fiasco when he wants to show his gratitude for being appointed to do the speech for the police thing with his body (jk jk) and Adonis trying his best to protect the Transfer student going “I’ll protect small creatures!”.

In the end Chiaki managed to break Adonis’ blockade and hugged/throw up in the air/whatever he’s doing to the Transfer Student causing everyone to face palm simultaneously. Oh Chiaki, you really don’t understand the concept of personal space.

And so that ends the Policeman story. Prolly missed some parts but the main stuff I was fully awake. One thing I have to say is that I appreciate Adonis’ officially approved police uniform feat. BDSM thigh belts lol. Plus its fun seeing chibi Adonis shooting fellow idol students even tho I get so surprised sometimes.

For what it was worth in the wait & diamonds, I’m glad I was able to get his card and read his side story. Got me to appreciate his character more and his plight against his evil sisters. If I could I’d make him boxed lunches all day, or at least I hope the transfer student keeps making him boxed lunches. Please Happy Elements, make this a continuing thing.

Tho one thing I have to say is that I’m kind of disappointed we never got a CG of Adonis screaming and shooting a gun in a burning hallway. But I guess thats the norm for most of event gacha’s bloomed design. Overally I enjoyed the Adonis parts in this, keep it up Happy Elements.


Phew, sorry for it being a lot longer than what it usually is. Also thanks for bearing with me and reading all of it (or even some of it). Further apologises if its riffled with errors or bad grammar, if you know me well enough then you’d know that I hardly proofread stuff.

Anyway, until the next event, whatever it may be. See y’all later in another blog post or game diary entry.


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