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[Game Diary] 夢色キャスト – Yumeiro Cast | October《#01》

14th October ~ 28th October


Ayakashi is Yumeiro’s first ever event which introduces the BGM “AYAKASHI” song to play during the event. To play the event you must collect points, points are gained after completing songs/musicals and unlock event bonuses and the event story. The event song, AYAKASHI, gives out a higher amount of event points than any other song and depending on your song rank you’ll get more points. Aim for higher points with difficult songs with S Ranks on AYAKASHI and you’ll find yourself swimming in points in no time. Highest points you can get as of now is around 64 points on AYAKASHI, S Rank, you don’t really have to get a full combo.

As of now (18th October), AYAKASHI does not have an Expert Difficulty but its hard difficult sure is difficult to get the hang of. Even now I can’t get a full combo because those green markers keep on putting me off my game, that and because I suck at rhythm games. But its good to see that theres finally a song that is difficult for me to full combo. Imo I kinda wished it was a vocal song instead of BGM and that you can get special event furniture from it. I wouldn’t mind a couple of ayakashi/youkai themed furniture.

An SR Kyouya card is up for grabs for those who reach 3,000 points and 6,000 points. Which might not be a big problem to get the first card, I’m at around 1,000+ points (I haven’t even played for today) from playing hard and expert songs. Theres plenty of time left, I think. Plus I haven’t really been using up all my AP replenish items like crazy so I could’ve gotten more by now.

As for event story there is about 5 story parts to unlock, the first part is available at the start of the event and the rest is unlocked afterwards when you hit a certain amount of points. So whats the event story about? I only have a feeling what its about, seeing that its not fully voiced at all its harder to read, and what I think is: its prolly about the guys trying to get inspiration for an ‘ayakashi’ themed musical by going to a haunted house attraction at an amusement park and checking it out, or so I think because I’m only at part 3. Anyway one thing I can take away from this is how much of a babby Kaito is. Like, I know he’s afraid of the dark but he’s also scared of ghosts too? How adorable (*´∀`)

Impressions on the first event: its ok, similar to most ‘gather event points’ events, nothing new to add. Like I said before, kinda wished they had unlockable event furniture. Not sure if theres event CGs either, but I guess you get ‘CGs’ of the SR cards when you scout them (wouldn’t complain because they look good, well better than most R cards).

Gonna be looking forward to what next event they have in store. Maybe they’ll add something new, maybe it’ll just be the same. Who knows. The event still not over yet, so there might be some surprises in store for me.



I don’t think these cards have an expiry date for when they stop appearing in the gacha, but I’m sure they’ll stick around after the event is done. I’ve yet to get a card, then again half of these cards are hard to get (lookin’ at you Tengu Kaito), tho imo the SR cards kinda look goofy the way that they’ve been drawn compared to the UR cards, well Subaru’s kinda looks goofy too. Makes me wonder how many artists are really behind this, if there are main artists then 2nd tier artists and then 3rd tier for the side characters.

If you know me, I’ve been getting into youkai related games/media lately so I do appreciate this event’s gacha cards & event theme. Even if I rly don’t like Hinata, I still think his card looks better than the rest of them, I guess its the coloring/choice of colors & appeal of nekomata’s/bakeneko’s.

And that concludes my diary. Not much to report/talk about right now. Until next event and thanks for reading _(:3 」∠ )_