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One of the many reasons I play this game. Alternative Subaru version here.


Before getting into this review I’d suggest checking out my breakdown just in case I left some things out.

Who would’ve thought that a rhythm game about musicals would be this good. Then again, its coming from a long established company, Sega, that also gave us the Project Diva series, so what else would you expect. Yumeiro Cast released so suddenly that I had to drop everything so I can play it non stop until it started to slow down when I hit around Rank 15+ and it was hard to 100% replenish my AP through ranking up. Which explains why this blog is slowly updating (well slower than usual).

Anyway I’ll try to keep this a lil short and sweet because I’m not really gr8 at writing reviews. If its TL;DR, you can always jump to my ‘final thoughts’, I don’t think you’ll miss much. Now, please enjoy my clumsy review.

Impressions & Thoughts


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As I’ve said before, Yumeiro Cast’s rhythm system is pretty solid and easy to handle, by easy I mean for a regular rhythm game player it’ll be a breeze to get used to and is not really challenging. One thing that I’m glad the put in is an expert mode for the daily songs, which can be quite challenging but feels good when you’re on a roll because each marker is basically every beat of the song. I can see how newly initiated players may have a hard time with the expert mode without practicing with the other modes later.

I found how they separated full songs into parts useful in terms of practicing before going into the real thing. Like whenever I messed up the most in the full musical, I could always find which part I messed up and just keep practicing there until I get it right. However, it had me thinking that these songs may go on for 5 minutes+ and thats why they had it separated but it turns out the “full” musical is just the shorten version (the full version of ‘Call Heaven‘ goes on for few more verses). Then again I can’t imagine myself playing songs that go on more than 2-3 minutes but I wouldn’t mind it if it meant that I could go on playing because it feels so good hitting the beats at the right time lol.

I get a lot of flak from my friend for playing the rhythm parts with just my index fingers instead of my thumbs but I find it much more easier. More or less the rhythm game was designed to have 4 spaces designated to the left hand, and another 4 spaces for the right hand (having 8 spaces to tap on) and I mainly found that it was more easier to use my index fingers rather than my thumbs. Mainly because my thumbs lack coordination and can’t reach the spaces properly lol. If I were to play an expert mode with my thumbs I’d lose instantly.

I kind of think getting good results depends on how comfortable you are when playing. For me I play on a flat surface, a coffee table or just any old table, and positioning myself close to the screen but not too close where parts of the screen would be in my blind spots. I mainly rest my thumbs on the table near the edges of my iPod so if one of my taps moves it my thumbs would be there to stop it from moving too much and I’d just play the game. But that’s just my play style, I’m sure others have different efficient play styles than mine.

Characters, Stories & Graphics

2015-10-12 15.43.06Most of the characters are likeable and if you haven’t figured it out my main favourites are Kaito, Subaru and Jin. In my opinion the heroine has a good character about her, she seems to be head strong and always thoughtful. Tho some people may be put off that the heroine they’re supposed to project themselves onto has a face/official name.

The dialogue in this game really breathes life into these characters, same goes for the use of live2D. Tbh the use of live2D in this game is almost on par with Tokimeki Restaurant, maybe even better. It really preserves Kanako Nono and Shuji Sogabe’s work (both worked on Prince of Stride & Idolmaster SideM). The use of live2D is one of the game’s charms that makes the game stand out. But its kind of a shame that some sub character designs seem to be of lower quality, even tho they don’t play a big part in the story/game.

The main scenario focuses on the cast and their go abouts in making the company the way it is, sometimes having mini character arcs. However I noticed at rank 20 that the story has gotten a bit thin in terms that in the first two parts of Chapter 5 seems to be going nowhere, but that’s just my opinion (Edit: Ok the main story ends at around Rank 30 lol). The love scenarios are pleasantly nice to read but I kind of worry that once I hit the last scenario I’ll have nothing left to read about that character. But that time won’t come soon anyway.

Again, graphics wise its a pleasantly looking game. Menus and stuff are pleasing to the eyes, nothing too gaudy and nicely polished.But I guess that’s what you expect from an experienced team. Nothing much to complain about, except for sometimes some CGs look like they’re drawn by a different artist (which they prolly might be).


Final Thoughts

All in all, I find the rhythm gameplay aspect really entertaining and fun. Even my iPod can handle it most of the time (it mainly crashes after I play on expert mode and do something else in the game). The story is fun to read especially when main scenarios & love scenarios are all voiced which helps out a bunch for someone like me who can’t read difficult kanji. I appreciate it, Sega.

Ultra Rare: Invisible Edition
Ultra Rare: Invisible Edition

I’m relieved to see that it didn’t take too long, compared to Ai Chuu, to download it and that the main downloading took place when getting from the store. I’m guessing it’s because most of the game data is in the servers rather than in your mobile device’s memory, which would explain why sometimes it took some time for images to pop up. Early days playing it I’d find a bunch of images missing, which would pop up after a few seconds of loading it in. Which becomes comical when scouting new cards and getting a ultra rare card and it just shows nothing.

But having things on the server also kinda means slower connecting times. Which brings to one of my main gripes about this game, not a big one but still puts me off when playing, when after finishing a musical and I’m getting my results it would take about 30seconds ~ 1 minute+ to upload my results to the server before presenting it to me. I have patience but if you wanna keep playing non stop until your AP drains, this can be a problem especially if you’re in a hurry.

Talking about AP, another gripe of mine is that the AP takes 6 minutes to replenish one point. But I guess it must be there for balancing the game so it won’t be broken and for players resulting to using their Yume Stones to get more AP when the in-game AP replenish items run out. Call it running a business.

For bugs, other than my iPod crashing because it can’t handle the live2D graphics which is not the game’s fault, I’ve only happened upon a reoccurring bug in the cast menu where you can level up your guys. This bug happens whenever I go into the level up menu and then back out only to find the lower main menu missing, but you can still access all the menu buttons. On a rare occurrence all the GUI goes missing. Not sure if this happens to anyone else, but I hope they get into fixing it.

Not sure if this was a bug but during the start of my playthrough of this game, whenever I scouted I got nothing but Hinata cards. The irony here is that I never liked him from the start and this only made me even more mad lol. I think I wasn’t the only one suffering here because I say a Japanese player having the same thing, with their profile comment being “I’m getting nothing but Subaru www”. Not sure if this is the gacha randomisation messing up or something but that was the worst plague I ever experienced lol.

Stuff that I wish Sega implements in the future: A random button to randomise songs and daily quests. Seeing that the newbie quests helped me out in terms of giving out items, I think there should be daily quests similar to Ai Chuu so I can get some AP replenish items and stuff. We’ll have to see if that happens or not.


Would I recommend this game? Yes, to me its gr8 and fun game to play. It may not have a wide cast of main characters unlike Ai Chuu or Ensemble Stars but it still makes up in the amount of story it has to unlock. It’s still new but I’m sure there will be plenty more content to come such as an upcoming event that’ll happen on October 14th. The songs are great, my favourite songs come from the “bullet” musical series, particularly SECOND INNOCENCE. The rhythm game feels gr8, especially expert mode.

If you’ve got time on the weekend, try it for yourself and download it. Maybe you’ll end up liking it, maybe you won’t, it depends on what you’re looking for in a rhythm game. If you’re a regular rhythm player and looking for a new, different rhythm system then check it out. This game is generous to those new to rhythm games, and allows you o grow as an expert in this game.

I’ll be playing this game for weeks to come, depending on what new contents they’ll add in the future. For now, I really like playing this game and can’t get enough of it. As long as there’s Kaito cards to collect, I’ll still be playing…

Yumeiro Cast is available in the Japanese Google Play store and Apple App store for all android and iOS devices. If you want to bypass region locking and don’t wanna do anything too costly, download qooapp for android devices and for iOS devices all you need to do is get a Japanese apple account/id. The game is for free with in-game purchases.

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  1. When you don’t have an ipad…..
    Lol great post and wow, some people can’t immerse themselves unless the heroine has no face? I can’t understand why. Then again, I prefer the heroine as her own character because it feels so much more real (like Cardia Becford, Ritsuka Tachibana, etc)

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    1. I’ve yet to meet someone who prefers no-faced heroines 😆 But I’m sure there are people out there that prefer it like that.
      But I’d rather have the protagonist as I’m playing to have an established personality or at least you get to see/pick their personality through dialogue choices (esp. when the protag is a ‘silent protag’), having their face and what they look like helps me visualise the story more so I really do appreciate character designs of heroines in otome games.

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