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[Game Diary] あんスタ – Ensemble Stars | October《#03》


*Be warned I’m not quite confident with this translation

Mini Enstars News

Before I get onto my super-on-time-no-this-is-not-late Enstars event diary, I’d like to start off with a lil mini enstars news similar to my last post but shortened because not much has caught my eye.

Release date: 20th October 2015

So theres been a  bunch of merch that has been announced, only a few has caught my eye, as well as enstars being a special cover on this month’s B’s Log which includes a Knights B3 poster (35.3cm x 50.0cm or 13.90inches x 19.68inches) and a “producer note” (apparently a notebook with characters and their profiles as the background). Enstars will have a special 16 page spread which will include a written interview with Leo Tsukinaga, comments and the recent event introduction. For those who may have not known the 5th issue of B’s Log this year contained a small starter book that contained interviews and character profiles, of course at the time Leo was never mentioned by name or appeared in the book so I guess this is to make up for it.

B3 Poster

If you purchase this month’s issue of B’s Log at animate (no longer available) or ebten you’ll also get a small postcard of this month’s cover art. If buy animate’s limited set (Only for a limited time, no longer available as of November 2015) you will also get Ai Chuu’s Pop’N Star designed small hand mirror featuring Kokoro and two other mysterious characters that have yet to be revealed. Of course animate’s limited set will cost you a few more extra dollars.

But the recent merch news that I’d like to talk more about n full detail is the newly announced bodypillow covers of Mao, Ritsu and Chiaki. Just recently there was a character poll with those guys as the top three and just like with the debut book (which also used a poll to get Mao, Ritsu and Rei on the cover), they will be turned into dakimakuras for all y’all to enjoy at the low, low price of 10,000 yen (Roughly $100, possibly less in USD). I have a feeling these covers will be of new official artwork which can be left to the imagination until official pics are released.

Coming soon: December 2015
Coming soon: December 2015

Maybe if I voted I could’ve gotten one of my fav characters turn into a dakimakura lol. By the looks of it Rei was 4th and Midori was 5th, if only ppl would’ve voted more for Midori I would’ve been already sold on the idea of Enstar bodypillows. It seems after the sports festival event both Midori and Chiaki’s popularity sky rocketed, very nice.

Maybe if I gave Happy Elements my first born child they’d make a bunch of enstar bodypillows of all the characters. But that could send them bankrupt… Bodypillow covers ain’t that cheap to make, especially when theres characters that aren’t quite popular with fans in Japan. Tbh I’m excited to see what the artist has in mind for these body pillows. Hopefully we’ll get to see some updates in November.


30th September ~ 10th October
30th September ~ 10th October


I’m guessing the name of this event, Rebellion! Ride of the Kings, is prolly in reference to ‘Ride of the Valkyries’ who knows, not even sure if I translated right it anyway lol. This event focuses on the Knight’s returned “King”/leader, Leo Tsukinaga, and its pretty much “#TeamTsukasa” as most of the Knights are challenged to ‘Judgement’, something similar to their last event ‘Duel’, against Leo and his “Knight Killers” (which I can actually see Leo spelling it as ‘killerz’ to make it more edgy).

Tbh this event was a little dramatic than the others lol. But I don’t mind, I could actually see some characters develop aka my main boi Tsukasa. He’s growing up so fast. And I was glad to see the Knights coming together and realising they’re just one big family, which is gr8 to me because when I first saw them in the Duel event I was like “Wow, these guys are so out of sync with each other how are they a group?” but now they’ve developed and it brings a tear to my eye.

Tho its kind of sad to see that only more than half of the CGs popped up during the event story. Yo, wheres my angwy Tsukasa CG, Happy Elements? Seriously I’ve never seen Tsukasa get so angry especially towards a person. The whole thing with Leo not even attempting to remember Tsukasa’s name/existence really got Tsukasa on the edge, even during the event story he’s stress eating. Poor babby. Tho because of that it gave an unforgettable moment of Tsukasa yelling “Jesus Christ” in frustration. But in the end, despite all that stress and frustration, he became a king for a day and show Leo what for. Saving the day with grace and style, little King Tsukasa.

2015-10-02 22.04.31

Speaking of Leo, this event was my first encounter with his character seeing that I didn’t spend my diamonds on his limited scout (I had no diamonds at the time lol). At first I thought he was a 2nd year but to my surprise he’s actually a third year. So far this event taught me that he:

  • Considers himself as a prodigy
  • Writes songs (? i think)
  • Is a siscon
  • Does not put in effort to remember names of those who are ordinary (Which is why he totally forgets Tsukasa)
  • Ditched school to go around the world or something in 2nd year
  • Says inspiration a lot
  • Really loves weirdos (he apparently sees the heroine as a weirdo so??)
  • Is a weirdo himself (kinda wondering if he’ll join the three oddballs or something)
Leo’s babby sister

He’s definitely an out there character, still not sure if I like him or not but this event sure feels like its antagonising him (or maybe thats just me lol). Tho the one thing that I find interesting is that his lil sister is also an idol in the Enstars sister game “Ensemble Girls”, Ruka Tsukinaga. I think I remember seeing him nickname her “Ruka-tan”. Kinda glad that he has a unit skill with Kurou where its just them using their siscon powers to get a boost in dance. Hopefully we’ll see more about him in the future. I’d like to see what he thinks about Tomoya because he’s described as “the most average school boy” lol.

One thing I’d like to point out about this event is how nice Izumi has gotten towards the heroine. He’s a bit less mean, which is a good thing but its gotten me thinking like “Is he doing this to get on Makoto’s good side?”. Either way keep it up Izumi, then maybe I can stop being intimidated by you lol.

Rebellion! Ride of the Kings event cards:

And that was the event, I may have forgotten stuff because I finished reading the story days ago. I had to take time off to do stuff with Yumeiro Cast, which took up most of my time so I couldn’t focus on the event. Right now I’m at rank 49,000 because I’ve not been playing it hourly, that and because I think a lot of people are really going for it during this event to get them Knights cards. Still upset I didn’t get any Arashi card drops from urgent lives. Come on, what do I have to do to get cards to drop from urgent lives. I really hope that the next event will be a Halloween one.

Make it happen, Happy Elements. Halloween, UNDEAD. You know what to do.

30th September ~ 11th October
30th September ~ 11th October

Scout Gacha

Scout! Kung Fu featuring Hinata, Hokuto, Tomoya and Makoto. I still don’t know the story behind this scout, I remember reading something about one of these guys having a part time job, prolly a waiter. But I guess it’s just one of those excuses to have a male idol version of the usual female idols in Qipao/Cheongsam event cards. Which only makes me want to see Makoto in a Qipao. If Happy Elements won’t deliver then the fans will lol.

But that bloomed 5* Hinata looks really good, almost as good as Keito’s bloomed archery card in terms of the colors used in the background of the card. Also Hokuto looking really cute just because. Too bad I’m still holding out until theres an event scout with my #1 fav characters.

Having all 4 characters in a unit activates the unit skill “Kung Fu Action“.

26th September ~ 30th September (?)
26th September ~ 30th September (?)

A now old gacha, to commemorate Leo joining the whole gang they released a Leo gacha with higher chances in getting his cards. Strangely most of his story parts is in his cards instead of being unlockable through ranking up his love points, which is upsetting because the only cards of him that I can get with my lack of produce points and diamonds is his 1* & 2* cards, well for now.

Still kind of unsure how long this gacha went for because it went beyond the 30th but suddenly disappeared during the middle of the Knights event. But one things for sure is that they’re still available in the normal gachas, like most expired gachas.

Phew, that was a bit longer to write up. Especially when I’ve been putting it off for a while. Just in time too because the event is gonna finish in a few days now.

As always, thanks for reading. See y’all in the next event.