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[Monthly Overview] October Releases 2015

Ayakashi Gohan ~Oomori!~ – 8th October – honeybee

New Edition Witch Queen – 22nd October – Quinrose

Alice in the Country of Hearts ~Wonderful Twin World~ – 29th October – Quinrose 

*The fates of future Quinrose games are up in the air right now. As you can see I couldn’t get a banner for Wonderful Twin World because they haven’t updated the page at all.


This month is going to be nothing but bone dry right now. A bunch of games that were supposed to release were delayed and Quinrose’s future games is rather questionable right now seeing news (possibly true) that it’s parent company has become bankrupt and Quinrose’s future unknown. The only thing October’s got going for it is a new release in drama CD series by both Rejet and Otomate Records. Ayakashi Gohan ~ Okawari!~ and Gakuen K have been delayed, and just as I am writing this now I’ve found out Angelique Retour has been delayed to December. The only one that I am sure that is set to release this month is Ayakashi Gohan ~Oomori!~.

I would say this month would be a blessing to my wallet if it wasn’t for those new drama CDs releasing, there is no rest for a consumer. For me I’ve been keeping a keen eye on rejet’s Honey Liar!?, Midnight Jiang Shis (not sure if its a typo or not, it should be Jiangshi right?) and otomate record’s Kono Koi Ochi Chirubekarazu. Tho for Honey Liar!? it seems a customer special requested the first volume in CD Japan and now its twice the price than it should be if it were sold at the regular price. I highly doubt the regular price would pop up any time soon on CD Japan’s site. Sighs.

Considering its the month of Halloween I was thinking of doing something special, even tho we don’t really celebrate it as much here in Australia. Whether or not I deliver it on time is up to future me. But hopefully I draw something for this occasion, even if it may look weird in the end I don’t mind lol. Also just a heads up that now its getting a lil bit hotter here (its spring rn and its already 34 degrees Celsius aka 93.2 fahrenheit), I may have trouble typing up consistent content because the heat gets to my head easily. Just bare with me.


This months (belated) work-in-progress doodle is Yumeiro Cast’s Kaito! I was contemplating on what to draw and was thinking about doing something spooky for Halloween but in the end I decided to draw Kaito using this pic as reference/partial tracing (only the body shape). Still a work in progress, won’t see the final product soon enough because I keep revising the hands so enjoy this weird lineart on top of rough hybrid doodle. Plus I’ll be a bit too busy with other stuff to finish soon seeing the sudden pop up of Yumeiro Cast has turned my whole world upside down lol.

Until next month (* ̄▽ ̄)ノ~~ マタネー♪