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Yumeiro Cast is a rhythm game, produced by Sega, that is surprisingly NOT about Idols (who would’ve thunk it). You play as an aspiring screenplay writer who is suddenly recruited off the streets by two cast members, Kyouya Asahina (CV: Ryouta Oosaka) & Sousei Tachibana (CV: Toshiyuki Toyonaga) from the Yumeiro Company, a musical company, to work as their screenplay writer. In order to achieve your dream you decide to join the company and start a new life with 7 of the best cast members of Yumeiro Company.


Released almost silently on October 1st, 2015 for both android and iOS devices, with full voiced main/love scenarios and an almost simple but solid rhythm system, Yumeiro Cast is basically a rhythm/love adventure game based around a musical company. A nice twist considering most rhythm games I’ve seen aimed at girls/women have been about idols, and it does make sense considering how Japan makes musicals out of most popular franchises (hell, theres gonna be a Touken Ranbu musical happening soon).

The game flow is simple: Play musicals → Rank Up Ranking up opens up Main Drama scenariosRepeat. Ranking up may also unlock new musicals to play, new items, adding 1 point of AP, adding new spaces for audiences etc.

2015-09-30 11.05.58

Other features include: customising the look of your stage, giving items to the guys to increase their love, love scenarios, card management such as levelling them up/ranking up cards(similar to idolising cards) and gachas. Most of this stuff I’ll try my best to break it down into something simple, which isn’t hard considering it’s an easy to understand game in the first place, unless you don’t understand a lick of Japanese, but even so the tutorial pretty much explains everything.

Home | Stage Customisation

2015-09-30 11.14.48
From left to right on the bottom menu are as followed: Home screen, Backstage, Cast, Musical, Drama, Gacha and Menu.

At the home screen you’ll see your main guy, audience members including other players friends or random visitors and the layout of the stage. Your main guy will talk about notifications, recent acheivements you’ve done such as S ranking and Full combos, the time of day and will prolly comment on their kimochiis after ranking up their Love level saying stuff like “What is this feeling I’ve been having when I’m around you” lol.

From the spotlight menu above as shown your first option is to Customise your stage, second option is to view your stage with no menus (which is also activated automatically when leaving the game alone), third option is “Odekake suru” aka going out to other friend’s places and fourth option is “Ashiato” aka records of who visited your place mainly from your friends. There’s a button on the bottom right hand corner that cheers on your friends when you’re at their place, you can only tap it once per day and it gives you 100 gacha points. Try not to forget this useful feature.

Screen shot 2015-10-04 at 9.48.38 PMSometimes stars will spawn over the audience member’s heads. You can either tap on them individually or swipe to the right to collectively get a bunch of stars from their heads. There are rare occurrences where you’ll get an audience member with a rainbow coloured star over their head. I’m not quite sure what triggers it exactly but so far it’s happened to me about 3 times. You’ll get a special character item that if given to the correct character you’ll get an increased amount of love points than usual.

Stars are used to buy items to customize your stage as well as to purchase items to give to characters. At first you’ll get cheap items, but as you play on and get to unlock better items thing will get a bit more expensive, so save up and stuff.You’ll get to unlock stage stuff through clearing full musicals with an S Rank. Most themed stages are unlocked through clearing hard musicals with an S Rank, while stuff like wallpaper, flooring and seats is easier to obtain through S Ranking normal or easy.

2015-10-05 16.52.25Having your stage made up with all items from a musical series will grant you bonuses, for example the Phantom Series slightly raises the chance of Sousei popping up back stage. Having chairs, wallpaper, flooring and stage of a certain series will activate their bonuses.



  1. Friend – Here you’ll see your friends list, pending requests and your ID. You can also input friend’s IDs or in-game name to send a request in the third tab.
  2. My Profile – You can change your username, the protagonist’s name and a comment public to everyone here . You can also see your ranking with the guys and your main leader. In the second tab you can change your comment when in another player’s place and a thank you message to your friend when they visit your place.
  3. Item – Items such as AP replenishers can be used here. You can view how many yume stones, rare tickets and staff passes here also. Staff passes can be used to replenish the times you can visit backstage (Blue allows 1 visit, Pink with an S allows 5 visits). You can also see event items in the second tab.
  4. Yume Stone Shop – You can buy Yume Stones here, minimum of 6 stones for 120 yen and maximum of 520 stones for 10,400 yen. Upon purchasing you must input your birthdate, individuals under 13years are limited to purchases under 5,000 yen, 20 years under limited to 20,000 yen and over 20 year olds have an unlimited amount they can purchase. In-game purchases uses either your itunes store or google play account.
  5. Character Introduction – Character profiles and their stats (love level, drama parts etc) of the main 7 guys can be viewed here. You can also poke them to see their reactions here.
  6. Album – Cards that you have gained in the past can be viewed here, even if you sell them. You can view the original cards and the make up! versions.
  7. Option – You can fiddle around with BGM, voice and other sound volumes here. Theres an option to configure the musical tap timing as well. In the second tab you can turn off effects and graphics. If you want things back to default there is a reset button in the left bottom corner.
  8. * Friend Invitation – You have two options here: 1) Get a friend code to give to others 2) Enter a friend code given to you. If a friend enters your code you will get a free rare ticket, your friend will also get a ticket (BTW heres my friend code: 7e08ed14 lol may not work now, exceeded my limit). Rare tickets can get you a R or higher rarity card when using it at a gacha. Upon tapping either option you will get booted out of the the game and into a browser. The code can only be used 10 times, and players can only receive 10 rare tickets through using the friend code.
  9. * Privileges – Not sure what should be here, upon tapping it and going into a browser theres pretty much nothing. I’m guessing you can get privileges here.
  10. Help – Here you will find info that was from the tutorial as well as additional info on the game. If you’re having any trouble you can always go check it out here.
  11. Contact Us – You’ll be kicked into Yumeiro Cast’s contact us/faq in your devices browser.
  12. Credit – You can view the credits of who made this game here.

* As of now (22 November 2015), I checked the menu and Friend Invitation and Privileges are no longer part of the menu options. May be gone forever, who knows. Friend Invitation and Privileges are now back as of 18th December 2015.

Rhythm Gameplay

Parts & Full Musicals | Difficulty AP

2015-10-02 10.26.56Each musical has a difficulty: Easy, Normal and Hard. And for each musical difficulty they have 3 parts (A unlocks B, B unlocks C) and a Full which consists of parts A, B & C. You could think of the 3 parts as practice before the Full musical, where the Full one is the “official musical” in front of an audience. To play a musical you need to give a certain amount of AP, where one point of AP regenerates every 6 minutes. Minimum AP to pay to play is 3AP (easy, part A~C) while the maximum is 24AP (expert, Full). As you rank up your AP refills and increase by one point. I’m at Rank 15 as of now and have about 38 AP, so if I were to play hard musicals I could only play about 2 full ones.

As of 7th October, a new difficultly has been added to daily musicals: “expert”. Daily Musicals, a feature that has been there since the launch of the app, can be accessed by swapping out with the button with pink text and a “>>” arrow. Daily musicals gives a generous amount of coaches when clearing parts and the full song, depending on the musical type (Music, Dance or Story) you’ll get the respective coach (E.G a Dance type daily musical gives out Dance type coaches). If you’re lucky you can also get R Coaches. Expert mode are for daily musicals only and can be quite a challenge, but clearing it on expert C Rank or higher will give you a 30% AP replenish item (only given once). Most of the daily musicals are BGMs for some of the musical series.

You can either refill your AP with items given to you in game or with “Yume Stones”. There are items that refill up to either 30%, 50% or 100% of your AP. However I do not recommend using “Yume Stones” because you may as well use them for getting better cards in the gachas unless you’re really desperate to play more musicals.

*Advise: You can gain a yume stone for completing a full musical for the first time, you can gain another each 15th time you clear it. So clearing it for the 15th, 30th and 50th time will give you yume stones. Depending on the amount is unknown to me right now.


The rhythm aspect revolves around tapping on ‘marks’ at the right time and to continue to create a combo. Tapping with precision to get a ‘perfect‘ gets you more points compared to tapping a second late/slow. Getting either a ‘perfect‘, ‘great‘ or ‘safe‘ when tapping the marks, gives you a combo (safes do not break your combo at all but does not provide maximum points to your score). A ‘bad‘ or a ‘miss‘ destroys your combo. The space where you play the rhythm game is separated into squares, in a 2×4 grid (8 squares/tap spaces in total).

The technique when tapping the marks is to tap it when the lines and all circles almost intersect each other. There are three main types of ‘marks’, as well as other marks:


The secret with blue marks is to just hold it until its gone, there is no need to release on the exact time all lines intersect, it will still be considered a perfect. Premature releases during blue marks will result in a bad, safe or great depending how close you release it. However holding the note down longer than it is intended to be may affect your reaction time to the next mark that would pop up, I found that if I concentrated holding it down too much I would be too slow with the next mark.

Score, Toughness & Combo Bonuses/Solo


The HUD above the rhythm space contains the score & rank, the toughness of your team and the combo bonuses available as well as the pause button that pops up volume options. Toughness is your HP, it decreases when you get a bad or a miss. Depending on your team, you can take on a lot of damage if you have higher levelled or higher rarity cards. If your team is weak you cannot take on a lot of damage, upon hitting 0 it is game over. Some cards have skills that can ‘refill’ your teams toughness when activated, but only just a little bit. I’ll talk more about teams and cards later on, don’t worry.

Score is dependant on your performance during a musical, your rank heavily depends on your score. Your team makes up how well you will perform, their skills and stats will help boost your score. Hitting the marks at the exact right time also boosts your score. Certain “Tension Bonuses” will also boost your score.  The increase in difficulty will prove a challenge in getting a S Rank if your team is weak.

Screen shot 2015-10-04 at 8.05.12 PMYou are rewarded depending on your combos during a musical. Most rewards are gacha points, cards or love points, more or less to encourage players to strive for a full combo. Full combos for full musicals give you trophies to decorate your stage. Solo mode during full musicals gives you a chance to raise your love points with the leader of your team. If you were to get a bad or a miss during the Solo, you will immediately get kicked out of Solo Mode and you will not get the Solo bonus. These bonuses are not limited and can be gained whenever you clear a musical, so if you’re up for it you can mine these rewards all you want. *Initial rank rewards are a one time only thing after you unlocked it.

Cards & Teams

2015-10-02 10.16.52

From left to right your options are: Team building, lessons to level up your cards, lesson to merge two similar cards into one better card, cast check for checking cards stats and skills, favourite/locking them (by pressing the お気に入れ button in the card’s info screen) or selling them for gacha points. (All of these are nicknames for the option, I haven’t really translated word from word because I can’t read most kanji)

In team building you can form teams with the highest performance or a team with high stats in either music, dance or story. You can set your main leader that you’ll be raising their love with during musicals and open up new chapters for their ‘Love Drama’. A team that is made up of music type cards will perform well in music type musicals, similar to dance teams with dance musicals and story teams with story musicals. Build your team with stronger cards and you’ll find yourself reaching S Ranks in harder difficulties in no time.

In the level up option you can level up your cards with up to 10 cards. Using R cards to level up your cards prove to be very useful for raising up levels quickly, and could raise the chances of increasing your card’s skill up. A card’s skill can be raised by using one or more of the 7 main cast member’s cards when levelling up (R rarity or higher). So far I had used one spare R Hinata card which gave me a 50% chance of levelling my card’s skill, which raised one whole level and its skill level is 2.

I have no idea whats the term for merging two cards into one better card in this game but I’m gonna just call it “Make Up!” because thats what it keeps on saying when the process happens. So making up a card takes two of the same card and merging them together to make a better card. It does not exactly raise the rarity, but it improves the card and you get a better illustration… well sometimes…

u ok?
u ok?

Upon choosing your starter card from the 7 guys and finishing the tutorial you’ll get two of his prologue R cards. If you’re having trouble trying to “make up!” his card into a better one I suggest taking the card out as the leader and swapping it with another card. I initially had a hard time to make up my Kaito until I found out all I had to do was not make him my main leader when merging his card.

Card Rarities are as followed:

  • N – Normal
  • R – Rare
  • SR – Super Rare
  • UR – Ultra Rare

Where N cards are sub characters & coaches only. Coaches can come in N or R.

Tension Bonus

tensionbonusnewTension can be gained through hanging out with characters in the ‘Backstage’ menu option and giving them items. The max amount of Tension bonuses you can stock is 5. You have the option of activating your tension bonus in any musical, Part A~C or Full, it’s up to you. The bonus that you get is left up to random, so you don’t have a choice on what you get.


This is an amateurish attempt at translating, so be warned some things may not be correct.

Kyouya Asahina | CV: Ryouta Oosaka
Kyouya Asahina | CV: Ryouta Oosaka

Birthday: 30th July | Star Sign: Leo

Blood Type: B | Hometown: Kanagawa Prefecture

Height: 177cm | Weight: 65kg

Likes: Musicals / Omurice (Omelette Rice) / Iced Tea / Stars

Dislikes: Fish / Low Quality Products


Yumeiro Company’s President. The Company’s Founder・Asahina’s biological son.

From an early age he loved musicals and made his debut during High School.

A few years ago his parents in an accident and inherited the role as the Company’s President.

He also handles overall production.

Iori Fujimura | CV: Natsuki Hanae

Birthday: 15th May | Star Sign: Taurus

Blood Type: A  | Hometown:  Tokyo

Height:  174cm | Weight: 62kg

Likes:  Green Tea / Japanese cuisine / Junk food / Shoebill (bird)

Dislikes: Green pepper / Carrots


Has family relations with the theatrical world. Ran away after growing tired of Kabuki and his home.

He then jumped into the musical world.

A hard worker and is an earnest, diligent type.

Using the advantages of his Kabuki experience, he gives guidance on acting and gestures within the Company.

Sousei Tachibana | CV: Toshiyuki Toyonaga
Sousei Tachibana | CV: Toshiyuki Toyonaga

Birthday: 7th January | Star Sign: Capricorn

Blood Type: AB | Hometown: Kyoto

Height: 176cm | Weight: 64kg

Likes: Black coffee / Pickles / Historical items / Movies

Dislikes: Sweets /  Delicacies


Kyouya’s childhood friend and best friend.

When he was an elementary school student, Kyouya forced him to take singing lessons, since then they both took on the path to become Musical Actors.

In charge of the Company’s management and paperwork.

Hinata Sakuragi | CV: Yuuto Uemura
Hinata Sakuragi | CV: Yuuto Uemura

Birthday: 19th March | Star Sign: Pisces

Blood Type: B | Hometown: Miyagi Prefecture

Height: 164cm | Weight: 55kg

Likes: Spicy food / Snacks / Paintings / World Heritage

Dislikes: Sweets / Mayonnaise / Milk / Children’s Lunch (Kids meal)


Belonged to an entertainment office since childhood, as a child actor prodigy Hinata appeared in TV dramas and commercials.

From the feelings of wanting to compete with his acting skills and thoughts of wanting to leave from the TV business, he became a Musical Actor.

He is in charge of costume design within the Company.

Kaito Shindo | CV: Yuu Hayashi
Kaito Shindo | CV: Yuu Hayashi

Birthday: 30th October | Star Sign: Scorpio

Blood Type: B | Hometown: Fukuoka Prefecture

Height: 179cm | Weight: 68kg

Likes: Sweets / Hamburger / Hamsters

Dislikes: Spicy food / Bitter things / Sour things / The dark


Origin: A vocalist for a popular rock band. From an early age he excelled in piano, evidentally his performances of compositions exhibits talent and was treated as a child prodigy.

Had connections with Kyouya’s father, after the sudden split of his band he joined the Company’s team.

He guides composition and songs within the company.

Jin Amamiya | CV: Yuuki Ono
Jin Amamiya | CV: Yuuki Ono

Birthday: 21st June | Star Sign: Gemini

Blood Type: O | Hometown: Hokkaido

Height: 181cm | Weight: 69kg

Likes: Traveling / Cocktails / Cooking / Reptiles

Dislikes: Spiders / Sticky products (Natto/Okra)


Was a successful New York Broadway dancer.

Having studied under Kyouya’s father as a novice, he returned home upon hearing of his death. He then joined the Company.

As a brother figure for Kyouya and Sousei, he supports everyone from their shadows.

He is in charge of the company’s choreography.

Subaru Jogasaki | CV: Tasuku Hatanaka
Subaru Jogasaki | CV: Tasuku Hatanaka

Birthday: 23rd November | Star Sign: Sagittarius 

Blood Type: O | Hometown: Shizuoka Prefecture

Height: 183cm | Weight: 70kg

Likes: Soccer / Meat dishes / Ramen / Games / Children

Dislikes: Fine dining (Does not get the concept of fine taste)


Originally aiming to be a professional football player but due to an injury, he was hindered by the trauma.

One day he sees one of Yumeiro Company’s performance, and learns of the existence of an ex-kabuki Iori, he then pursues a new form and joins the team.

Taking advantage of his athletic ability he guides the action parts within the Company.


2015-10-02 13.06.28

Here you can increase the levels of your tension bonus and a character’s love through presents. You have a max of 5 visits but you can replenish this with the staff pass item. The appearances of characters are generated at random and you have three doors to pick from before characters are randomised again, you can only pick one door at a time.

Appearances of certain characters can be increased by having the right furniture. Having furniture from a character’s musical series will increase the chances of them appearing but only slightly. For example, decorating your place with furniture unlocked from the bullet musical series (the mafia looking one) will raise your chances of having Jin popping up.

Upon choosing the character you want to spend time with you will be prompted to give them a present. Some presents may cost you a few stars, others a lot and some none at all. Only special character items that are gained as rewards for clearing songs or from an audience member are for free and do not consume your stars. A giveaway to whose special character item it is, depends on which musical you got it from. For example the hamster reward gained through the rock musical is Kaito’s special item. Special character items give a great boost in your tension bonus meter and sometimes love points.

It’s important to know a character’s likes and dislikes. Depending on the item, it will give a boost in tension meter only or it’ll boost both the tension meter and love of a character. Upon finding a character’s favourite item it’ll be marked with their face so it’ll be easier to choose from in the future. A telltale sign of whether you got a character’s fav item is their reactions and whether or not their character portrait is close/blushing. Getting their favourite item right will give you a big boost in love points.

Try giving a character different items to see their reactions. Most of the time it builds up their personality and gives you a better understanding on their character. More or less, it helped me learn how much of a love sick puppy Subaru is lol.

Main Drama & Love Drama

As explained at the start, the main drama is unlocked as you play along, unlocking the full part of musicals and clearing it to read a new scenario to then go back and rank up and unlock more musicals and such. Main drama centres around the plight of the Yumeiro Company and the heroine’s life as a screenplay writer who is in charge of completing a screenplay Kyouya’s Father started before he passed away. As I am writing I’m around at Rank 15, and theres about 9 scenarios open that I’ve read, and of course all of the them are fully voiced with CGs it almost feels like I’m playing an official adventure game that I bought with my own money (but this is pretty much free in the end lol). After completing each scenario you’ll get a single yume stone as a reward.

Love Drama scenarios unlock every multiple of 5 (level 5, 10, 15, 20 etc), as of now there should be about 12 love drama scenarios per guy, give or take. The first scenario is easy to unlock if you keep playing with the guy as the leader of your team. Here you’ll get to know the guys on a more personal level, complete with full voice and CGs. You’ll be surprised to see which guy you’ll like more than the other characters even tho you may not have been interested in them before. Plus the scenarios are mostly well written and fun to read.

2015-10-02 23.48.32
pure babby subaru

When levelling a card to the max level w/ make up! you’ll get a scenario too (same goes for the secondary characters/cards) which will give you about 5 yume stones upon reading. If you have a bunch of secondary characters you can just mine them for yume stones to use the gacha to get better cards. Thats how I mostly got my R~UR cards.


There are two types of gachas in Yumeiro Cast, one that uses gacha points and another that uses Yume Stones. The gacha points one mainly coughs out N cards and on occasion R cards, however the only R cards I’ve gotten is the audition cards (the first cards you get of the guy you’ve chosen for tutorial). The yume stone gacha usually coughs out R, SR and UR cards. The chances of getting cards for this gacha is: R = 82.0%, SR = 15.0% and UR = 3.0%.

2015-10-02 10.47.14

‘Friend gacha’ has a max of 10 turns (3,000pts), while the premium gacha ask for about 200 yume stones which I find is hard to save up because I keep on spending them on a one turn. I’ve found that doing a one turn does the job seeing that I got about 2 SR cards and 1 UR card through brute force instead of being patient and saving up. Not sure that if doing 10 turns would increase the chances of getting really good cards. Right now I’m trying to save up to 200 to see what I’ll get in the end.


So that concludes my breakdown. I may have missed out on a few things and had forgotten about some stuff, maybe I’ll fix it in the future. I was planning on writing some quick character profiles based on my knowledge with the characters but I think it’s better to just translate from the profiles because I don’t really know most of the guys because they never popped out when I was scouting them out.

If you want me to add anything to this just tell me, maybe I’ll look into it, still kind of new to this game even though I’ve been playing it for a couple of days now lol

Check out my review that’s all over the place, if you have time that is.

Until then, thanks for reading _(:3 」∠ )_

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      When getting a password you’ll see 2 things, the first one is your ID and the second one is your password. The buttons next to them saves a copy to your clipboard. But keep in mind this password won’t be the same forever. When issuing a new password you’re given a set time before the password expires (I think, not quite sure if it does expire).
      When transferring accounts onto a new device or the same one you’ve been using, go to “Input ID and Password”. The first input field is for your ID and the second input field is for your password.
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