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What am I even watching


Seeing that the anime just finished yesterday and I have nothing else to post until the next month, I’ve decided to introduce ‘Mini Reviews’ with a lil review on makura danshi. Mini reviews will hopefully be short and sweet, nothing in deep detail or anything & would usually have “Thoughts on…” in the title. Hopefully I’ll get more mini reviews done in the future for stuff I can’t be bothered with.

what am i doing with my life

As for those who may not have watched it or never knew of its existence, Makura no Danshi (Pillow Boys) is a 4 minute ad anime, each week a new guy, each week another reason to keep on living (jk). If I had one word to describe this series it’d be “weird”. Every time I watch an episode I keep thinking “Lonely women like myself prolly watch this all alone at night to lull themselves to sleep”, tho I initially watched it with my friends and then marathoned it before writing this review to make sure I got things right & get a couple of screenshots. Most of the time my reactions were either “what”, laughing and/or crying or trying to make sense of the point of watching it.

All the while I kept thinking “This series would’ve been better if it was just a set of drama CDs”, well what do you know this anime was actually a marketing gimmick for the drama CDs that would be released afterwards… and the mobile app… and the comics… and other media. I wasn’t kidding when I said it was a 4 minute ad. Well after all most anime is made to help boost sales of the source material, or to create a franchise.

i cant hear jack shit
i cant hear jack shit

But the most jarring thing about it is how this anime is produced. The first ep has some background music but then all the episodes after that have no sound effects or background music just the sound of sheer silence as the guy talks. Like with things that you expect to have sounds like a moving car, music from a violin or at least the sound of movement with the character, absolutely nothing. Not one bit of sound. Another thing is how weird the cuts of movement with the characters, like it just jump cuts to the guy in a random position or something and it feels so off. It was like I was in a bizarre fever dream.

The only main audio coming from each episode is the theme song thats so damn catchy. I don’t even want it stuck in my head but its always there whenever I think of this anime. My friend commented on how are ppl supposed to sleep to this anime when its got such an upbeat theme song, something more soothing would’ve been better. Even after marathoning all 12 eps, its still stuck in my head and I can’t get it out.

Character wise, the only good character was the kid from the boonies with the dialect. He’s too good and cute for this show, even though I can’t understand him without those subs because of his thick dialect. Every second of his ep was so good, he had more character development then any other guy within those 4 minutes lol. You deserve better, kid. My other favorite would be the ossan, then maybe the senpai because he kinda does look like a bara.


The rest of the cast were either weird or just forgettable. The flower arranger twins were really out there. I’ve never known twins that got along that well in real life omg. But ngl, I am interested in their story to the point I’m wondering if I should buy the drama CD with them. I’ll give you that one, ppl who made makura danshi, your marketing prolly worked.

the best of bros
bros being bros

All in all, I found it more enjoyable watching with friends so we can experience this whole thing together and laugh about it, prolly cry because of how ridiculous some things are. It was either a good 4 minutes wasted or something I regretted deep down, either way it was fun to watch in a way that it was ridiculous and I couldn’t take it seriously (which I don’t think it should be) but there are times when it just becomes so weird with that void of silence when they’re “waiting for your response” or the non existent sound effects. Ya gotta cut corners somewhere I guess.

If you’re gonna watch it I suggest watching Episode 4 with Dialect Boy first and see how things go from there. Maybe the bluray release will add in actual background audio this time around ( ̄∇ ̄;) ハッハッハッ Tho I think there will be DVD release in November. If you’re interested in the drama CDs, there should be one with Merry/Meri out already and a dual drama CD of Senpai Danshi and Librarian Danshi just came out a few days ago, the rest will release next month I think. I prolly won’t buy anything at the moment, they haven’t completely sold me yet… not one bit… maybe.

As always thanks for reading.

until next time おやすみ _(:3 」∠ )_
until next time…
おやすみ _(:3 」∠ )_

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