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[Unboxing] YunohanaSpRING! – Limited Edition

2015-09-24 10.02.30

As you can see I didn’t get the animate limited set, I still regret it but in the end if I did buy it along with Vol 4 of Love Cuisine it would be delayed because of the typhoon/flooding in Japan early this month. So instead I bought it at CD Japan, I would’ve bought it at amiami and get the mousepad of sin but unfortunately I was too late and preorders closed OTL.

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Now I got a small poster of sin with Kintaro and Takahira. Like most of these CD Japan exclusive small poster I usually put them in a frame because what use is there for these things if they’re not framed or something. Of course, I won’t be framing up Kintaro any time soon lol. I only have one frame so I just switch the posters whenever I feel like it. Tho I feel bad for putting Camil away to make room for Takahira looking all goofy and stuff…

As most Otomate limited editions go, it came with a bonus CD and a booklet. For preordering you also get another bonus CD. The contents of the CDs are unknown to me right now, but I’ll listen to it once I finish the game (if I ever get around finishing it with the track record I have). Like the whole aesthetic of looking cute with the limited boxart, the booklet’s front looks so cute and cheerful. Ngl, I really like how cute and girlish it is even though I’m not the girlish kind of gal in the first place lol. This game gives off an aesthetic hybrid of 和 (Japanese culture) and frilly, lacey, girly stuff, which I ain’t complaining I think it’s very nice.

The booklet goes through key visuals used for game packaging, character profiles, character roughs, CG event roughs and has a bonus short story at the end that I’ve yet to read. I was trying to squint my eyes/close them throughout looking the booklet so I can avoid seeing spoilers, tho it did confirm a secret route they were teasing on the website and in B’s Log that I wasn’t really surprised about because I saw it coming lol. Just looking through the booklet just gave me a smile on my face so I’m hoping the game will make me feel the same. Also I never thought of Kota as a man with many expressions because he gives off a ‘stoic’ aura, but I guess I was wrong😂

Thinking about playing it right away even though I was supposed to be playing Amnesia, which I irresponsibly took a break from for few days now. But seeing that I’m on my European/Australian account I have to switch out to my American one because thats where I mainly play my otome games and it’ll take a while to change accounts with all the swapping of memory cards and restarting the PS Vita system and all that shit. I wish Playstation would make an easier way to switch accounts on the vita but I guess my prayers will go unanswered ( ̄∇ ̄;) ハッハッハッ

Here’s hoping this game will give me the same feeling I had when playing Binary Star, a game thats just about having fun with serious subplots that don’t really ruin the tone of the game. And considering this game has no bad ends I think I may enjoy it a bit more. As long as there are multiple happy endings and I have fun while playing this game it’ll be A-OK.

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Until next time, thanks for reading _(:3 」∠ )_

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