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[PS Vita] Breakdown- KLAP ~Kind Love And Punish~

KLAP ~Kind Love and Punish~ is a “torture” based adventure game/visual novel by Otomate for the PS Vita. Now I would use the word “torture” very loosely when describing this game because there’s some reasoning around the S&M elements, believe me. The basis of this game is you play as an aspiring teacher that somehow lands a job at a school for youkais, where you have the job to both teach these students common sense/behaviours that humans have so they can graduate into going out into the human world and to stop them from going berserk by ‘torturing’ them.

Again, this a breakdown, not a full review. I’ll be just breaking down gameplay elements and systems, rather than stating my opinion or talking about story elements any further than a review would talk about. But in a way it’s kind of like a review anyway.


Game flow

KLAP’s game flow is relatively easy, once finished with your first route it’ll be a breeze skipping through the common route and into a characters route. About 60% of the game is common route, however some events do have different outcomes or scenes depending on your choices.

MapAround each common route chapter has an opportunity to gain affection points or lower them, at times you can increase the character’s S or M levels (which then affects the torture gameplay). Map events during the common route are there to help give you a chance to boost your affection with a character and level out their S or M stat, which would then activate events in the common route based on the character you have the most affection towards. For most chapters you get two map events before the story starts again, one event for affection and the other for S or M choices, it is up to you to choose which route you want to go into so its best to focus on one character per playthrough.


You are always notified whether or not you chose the right one, however when it comes to neutral dialogue choices nothing will happen so keep an eye out for that before the scene ends (quicksave like your life depends on it).

where the third option is neutral
where the third option is neutral

S or M Choices:

Theres no right or wrong when it comes to choosing S or M choices as they only affect ‘torture’ events, nothing story wise changes except for the dialogue afterwards. Affection will not go down either when choosing either S or M.

In my opinion I choose M choices because it feels like the right choice most of the time, and I hate seeing angry Camil at the status screen when he’s S. Until now I’m still confused about what S or M means in terms of who is being S or M, M choices seems to be like discipling the guys while S choices seems to let the guys do whatever they want (or thats what I think, still unsure).

Having a guy be S will change his dialogue during the ‘torture’ mode to be more harsh/sadistic, while M changes his dialogue to be more submissive and masochist. There could be a possibility that S/M could affect the effective spots on the guy’s body when in ‘torture’ mode, but I haven’t really looked into it properly to confirm that.


Story flow


Chapter 1: Starting life as a teacher for youkais

  • Map Event (Two separate events):
    • Affection up or down
    • S or M choice
  • First ‘torture’ event of character with the highest affection
    • Only item: Whip

Chapter 2: Getting to know the students, home visits

  • Map Event (Two Separate events):
    • Affection up or down
    • S or M choice
  • Choice: Look at a characters school profile (Affection up)
  • Home visit scene (depends on whose profile you look at)

Chapter 3: Sports Festival

  • Choice: Choose who to talk to before the start of the sports festival
    • This choice affects who you will spending your time with for the sports festival
  • Second ‘torture’ event with chosen character (‘Berserk’ appearance AKA their true form)
    • Only item: Nekojyarashi (cattail grass)

Chapter 4: Summer holiday

  • You will get a scene with the highest ranking character
    • Scene will prolly (but not always, depending on the character) be about catching up on homework and going to the summer festival
  • S or M choice

Chapter 5: Cultural Festival

  • Map Event (only one event):
    • Affection up or down
  • Event with highest ranking character, time spent at the cultural festival
  • Third ‘torture’ event, introduces slap option
    • All three items available during torture event

Chapter 6~8: Character Route/Story

  • Chapter 6: Final ‘torture’ event
    • Introduces final item, only unique to the character

‘Torture’ Mode:

‘Torture’ mode is the main gimmick of this game. Mainly uses the front touch screen of the vita, slapping, whipping and tickling the main guys of KLAP until the meter depletes. Why exactly? To stop the guys from going berserk and changing into their true forms. Also because its fun (jk).

notesIt’s almost like a rhythm game, using the beats of the heart in the upper right corner as a guide. Touch the screen at the right beat and continue to create a combo, depleting the meter faster. Tapping the screen when the heartbeat is ‘full’ depletes the meter more than when the heartbeat is ‘half full’. When the heartbeat is small you will break the combo and the meter will not deplete. So aim for ‘excellent’ and keep a close eye on the heart and don’t focus on the rhythm of the guy’s breathing/panting because that will mess you up, believe me it’s happened to me a lot.


The beats go faster depending on the meter. At full meter the tempo is normal, half way depleted the tempo becomes a little faster, when its nearly depleted the tempo becomes twice as fast. Again try to get into the rhythm of the beats instead of the breathing, especially near the end of the meter when one blink can cost you break in the combo. It takes sharp eyes and patience when it comes to the end of the meter so do your best.

The trick to playing this mode is to switch it up with different items and body parts. Don’t whip/do any other action on one spot for too long or else you’ll get a bad reaction. It’s key to notice the guy’s reaction when in this mode. There are places on the body that they prefer depending on the item of course, only you have to find it by experimenting. What I usually do is just do every body part per item and do a cycle of it every time.

Tappable body parts:

  • Head (Face)
  • Upper Body (Chest/stomach)
  • Lower Body (???) [Its what you think it is]
  • Others (Arms & Legs etc)

Common Items/Actions:

*Kiss is unlocked in 'Secret Mission'
*Kiss is unlocked in ‘Secret Mission’

Unique Items to Characters:


At times you may be prompted to tap the screen rapidly to stop the guy from going berserk. I’ve yet to try out what might happen when you don’t tap the screen rapidly, so I don’t know what the outcome would be. Depending if you are in torture mode with their true form, after successfully tapping rapidly their clothes may rip. However this doesn’t happen when they are in ‘human guise’.

(Tried to film video for a friend of M!Camil, but it caught me off guard that his clothes would rip off during that take and I couldn’t help but laugh. Also it’s really difficult trying to prop up an ipod with one hand and film with twitter’s video recorder, having to hold down the record button for the whole time)

RubAfter depleting the meter you’ll be prompted to rub the screen furiously until the game tells you to stop. Not sure what the point of it is, especially with all the moaning going on and embarrassing lines being said during the process but if you rub hard enough the friction between your finger and the screen will create heat energy making it feel like you’re rubbing something warm, maybe that was the point of it jk jk. But that’s a bit too farfetched.

Also depending on whether you levelled your guy to be S or M he will react differently when this whole ordeal is over. Sometimes commenting with either demeaning lines (S) or embarrassed lines (M), as well as their facial expressions showing how embarrassed they are.


Ranks are also part of the ‘torture’ mode system. Depending on how well you performed you will either get a C, B or A rank (not sure if there is a D rank), even if you get a perfect score you still get an A rank as S ranks do no exist, at all (I remember reading an amazon review saying they were disappointed there weren’t any S ranks, can’t blame em). Of course having a low combo and mostly ‘bad’s then you will get a C rank for sure. Depending on your rank, the guy will also comment on it so if you don’t want to hear them be disappointed aim for A ranking. Then again the scores and ranks during this mode have nothing to do with the story and won’t affect it whatsoever, so if you fail or skip its all good.

If you want to see ‘torture mode’ (not sure if thats its official name, I just nicknamed it that) in action, then idea factory’s got you covered:



Upon finishing character routes you get to unlock “Secret Mission”, which is all three modes that you played during a character’s route but with all items at your disposal. However its more trickier and harder to get an A Rank, however I think I got an A Rank once with Shion but just barely. Think of it as training, or just recreational fun when you’re bored. It also introduces the kiss option so you can kiss your husbando everywhere, there are no boundaries. You can also choose between S or M dialogue before going into it, so you can experience what its like being demeaned by a guy when you’re the one whipping him or something lol.

Another bonus for finishing a characters route is an extra scene found in the gallery. Not quite sure where it takes place, but I doubt its after the ending. One thing I can say about the omake scenes: I can’t believe its rated Cero C not D ( ̄∇ ̄;) ハッハッハッ Did the board in charge of rating this game not check out these omake scenes or what (im kidding, they ain’t that bad, but Kanade & Akito is almost there). But they’re definitely something to check out and is more like a last hurrah before moving onto the next route. Bonus scene is usually the last slot in the character’s gallery.

CGs blurred out for your own good
CGs blurred out for your own good


And that was my breakdown of KLAP’s gameplay and other stuff. Boy did it take a long time to type up, just past midnight. If I’ve missed some stuff out it’s prolly because I’m really sleepy and can’t be bothered rereading it.

Been putting this off for a while but it’s good to get off my chest because this game got a good stable system going on and I never felt confused at all, not once.

But I’ll leave my opinions about it for another time, when I actually write a review. Maybe in the next 10 years.

As always, thanks for reading  _(:3 」∠ )_


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