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[Game Diary] 刀剣乱舞 Touken Ranbu | September《#01》

mo money mo problems

Day 160 | Saniwa lvl 61 | Average sword lvl 40’s

Eternally stuck in world 5

Foxy Grandpa has yet to come home… … …


To make things clear, few months after getting into Touken Ranbu I had been playing it on and off, which would explain why all my swords are at a weak lvl 40 when I should have been playing it for 160 days. That and I have been stuck in world 5 for a long time because the dice can’t roll in my favor, that I just mainly play for the events.

But even in the events my swords still can’t handle the the deeper, harder parts. After getting my Hakata in the first Osaka castle event I just booked it back to the citadel and trained my smol sword son so one day he could defeat the golden yaris. But considering I have yet to open up the 6th world that’s better suited for tantous my Hakata will have to just stay at lvl 30 for now OTL

Right now I’m trying to bulk up my sword danshi army in world 5 and actually step foot in 5-4 so I can try my hand at Kogitsunemaru hunting instead of hoping he’ll just pop up as 4:00 (which in the end is usually Moon Jiji). I actually have two moon Jijis in my possession right now, one as a backup just in case my original breaks.

pls come home mr bara man
missing: Drunk Janitor Ossan, please return immediately

The last two events have left me poor and without a sword Janitor, no matter how much I wished for him to drop during the war training event. Those golden yaris were the worst and best idea to come out of this game and I hate them. What more do you want from me dmm & nitro+, what more. Just let me add a drunk ossan to my bara squad at least. I already have trouble getting yaris to drop, so at least give me this one.

The latest event was fun for getting all those kobans and exercising Hakata’s special skill of multiplying kobans out of thin air. He’s turning out to be gr8 a maneki neko out of the tantou crew, not to mention his speed during battle. If I had a favorite out of the tantous it would prolly be him, but then again all of them are my favorite.

In the end I could only use him about halfway through the event before it got harder for a tantou to be out there in the battlefield lol. Maybe next time kid.

On another note, my touken ranbu artbook came in lately from animate and wow, was it worth it. Sadly it left out Hakata but Nihongou was in there, surprisingly. I’m wondering if they’ll make a second volume for future swords seeing that so far the number index for the swords goes up to 100. It was very interesting to see how artists drew the swords, some even had details that you wouldn’t see in the character portraits like how Nakigitsune wears a tie underneath his casual clothes and that tie has a cute fox pin on it (*´∀`*)キュン! The artist for Gokotai had a page for the lil tiger cubs, showing off how each one has a different pattern as well as how they wear their ribbons. I never knew they were that distinguishable lol

It’s that kind of stuff I enjoy looking at when I’m reading an artbook. It even made me appreciate Kasen more even though I felt pretty neutral about him. The reason why I’ve come to like him more was because of how elaborate his inner wear is lol.

(*´Д`)ハァハァー なんとか…色っぽいww

Apparently his inner wear has a zipper at the front of his chest, going down until it reaches the top of his butt?? I guess, how else is he supposed to slip out of it.

For most of the book theres cute doodles and sketches by the artists that always put a smile to my face whenever I see it, esp seeing Iwatooshi use his naginata as a stripper pole and seeing Sayo wearing his hat that makes him look even more like an angry cat lol. Like there’s so much to love about this book. Tho, I felt a lil disappointed seeing Yamanbagiri’s page as just a simple rundown of his clothes, tho its interesting to see how many layers of clothes he’s wearing into battle, on top of wearing his shawl of shyness. I’d say if those who want to cosplay, this is a great book for references esp when it comes to Mikazuki and Kogitsunemaru.

Tbh my favorite pages would be from the Kotetsu bros feat. Nagasone, as well as Nakigitsune because of how in-depth they are. Tho it would be Nagasone that takes the cake because no matter what angle the artist draws him he still looks gr8, just looking at it is my daily fix of bara for a lifetime (jk jk).

What shouldn’t surprise me is that Hasebe wears sock gaterbelts to keep his socks up. The artist even described his gloves as something similar as to what Butlers or Chauffeurs would use. Makes me believe more and more that Hasebe is just a well mannered manservant ( ̄∇ ̄;) ハッハッハッ

Anyway, this book is worth the look. If you’re a diehard fan and you like looking at character designs like myself then it’d be the perfect idea to buy it. For me I bought it at animate and got it forwarded by Big in Japan, took me about 3 weeks to get it because I was shipping with SAL.

That’s all for this month’s diary, maybe next month I’ll make some real progress and that there would be better events by then too. Maybe that new sword will be implemented, who knows.

Until next time, thanks for reading  _(:3 」∠ )_

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