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[Game Diary] あんスタ – Ensemble Stars | September《#02》


Enstar News

Before I get started on talking about the event on right now, I’ll do a little news round up on Enstars latest development because a lot has happened this week.

So a day before the event they released the identity of the leader of knights, a character who was MIA during the launch of enstars and got me wondering all the time who is this mysterious person thats supposed to lead the knights. The dude’s name is Leo Tsukinaga (2nd year) and all I’ve gotten from reading his bio is that he’s a big siscon for his lil sister, but for some reason it feels like its a different siscon compared to Kurou who seems to be just a caring big bro (or thats my opinion lol). I’m not sure when they’ll be putting him into the game, I think I read something about coming in spring break but I’m not 100% sure.

Still not sure about his character design, I’ve never really been a fan of ponytails tbh. I’m more interested in what his school uniform looks like because I can’t see much with smol Leo, from here it looks like he’s wearing a collar lol. We’ll see how it goes, maybe he’ll grow on me.

His voice actor did voice work for Nakigitsune (AKA his fox)

As some may know happy elements are releasing unit songs for the remainder of the year starting from October till next year, I think, starting with UNDEAD and knights. So far there are sample videos for both units and its sounding better than I’d expect. Tbh I thought they’d half ass it but honestly the songs are nicely done and the amateur voice actors are doing a good job at singing. Each CD will contain 5 tracks, first two are unit songs, third track is an original short drama and the last two tracks are karaoke versions of the unit songs.

Of course as an UNDEAD fan I preordered it but not immediately because I thought it’d be bad but its so good. “Honey milk wa okonomi de” is so sweet and soothing I keep breaking into a smile whenever I listen to it. Also Rei (CV: Toshiki Masuda)has such a nice singing voice wow. I even feel more stupid that I didn’t realise Toshiki Masuda was Rei’s voice actor sooner. I guess I’m not used to hearing him not yelling most of the time (I’m used to hearing him yell as Kashuu and going よーし、デコっちゃって!)

Knights songs sample video Showcase 1 (UNDEAD, Knights, Ryuseitai & Ra*bits) | Showcase 2 (fine, Akatsuki & 2wink)

No sign of trickstar sample, kind of worried because few weeks back their tracks were “Unit song 1” and “Unit song 2” but I see they’ve got the song names down now (“Rebellion Star” and “CHERRY HAPPY STREAM”).

Enstars was updated this week, finally solving the problems, all problems but one… Expanding capacity on cards you can hold onto (max 100). So far the only solution for that is to sell useless cards or store cards in a character’s album but the latter means they cant be pulled out for lives/when you organise live units on “recommendation” they won’t pop up.

Other than that, latest updates are very useful. Now when you scroll to the end of your cards, go into an idol road & do shit, and then back out, you won’t find yourself at the start of your card list. Neat. Also theres a toggle next to the filter that toggles all cards stats to show how many multiples does a card have, the % on its idol road and whether its bloomed or not. Also instead of just showing levels on the card as just a number they made it to be like: lvl- 1/40.

Pretty neat stuff enstars. Now if only you could improve the rate on urgent lives drop cards just a tiny bit then I’ll be happy.

They finally released the Hokuto grand prix card and original short story for winning the audition vote that was done back in March. I didn’t vote because I didn’t know enstars existed back then, but if I could go back in time I would’ve voted for Adonis. Also Mao gets a short story for coming up second. I’m currently working on blooming the 3* Hokuto card but I’m lacking jewels, so I’ll have to wait (His lesson skill is to drop small red jewels, why not drop medium ones bruh).

Final news, my enstars bonus animate pillow for last months B’s Log (10th Issue) finally arrived \(^q^)/

I was kind of afraid it was a flat pillow or if it was just a cover but nop, the wonders of vacuum sealing stuff. Its a pretty comfy pillow thats about 30cm x 30 cm, perfect for smol hugs which I have been using when my stomach hurts or comfort hugs.

Mainly use the dark sin side for comfort hugs and the innocent vanilla side for punching Makoto’s face (Jk). I think it was worth it in the end, considering it was limited and no longer available in the animate store.



15th September ~ 25th September
15th September ~ 25th September


Burning up! Yumenosaki School Sports Festival, featuring the basketball club: Chiaki, Midori, Subaru & Mao (guest starring Mitsuru, Tetora, Adonis and Koga lol). This time its a 9 chapter story. Not much to explain what this event is about when its basically in the title but, this event takes place during the school sports festival.

This event pretty much taught me how all the members of the Basketball club does not like Chiaki/does not appreciate his skinship towards fellow members, or at least thats what I took away from it. Poor Chiaki, he’s just so absent minded about ppls personal space (´∀`)フハハハ Also it pretty much developed the sub-story of Midori’s kink for the heroine in a mascot costume and touched base on his trauma for bread (he just doesn’t want to see or touch it I think but I dont know why) and how much he dislikes participating in the sports festival.

Tbh this event shows the heroine’s body parts more than any other event or story, we almost got a head shot too. I guess it’s because the heroine is more involved in the event because its just normal high school activities and nothing to do with idol stuff, treat yo self. There was also a small sub story going on with Tetora being scared at the thought of Kurou leaving him, which I can’t really explain in detail because most of it flew over my head seeing that I can’t understand what I’m reading most of the time. He also seemed a bit nervous about doing the three legged race with the heroine but in the end he got over it and vowed that he’ll get 1st place next year with the heroine ( ´艸`) such a precious child


One thing I have to say is that Koga seemed more tame in this story, even Midori is like “You seem more softer towards senpai (the heroine)” when the heroine had to bound everyone’s hands for the bread event and Koga objected at first but let it slide saying “Only this once, but I don’t think I’ll let this slide again” or something along the lines of that. Even when the heroine broke up the fight Koga started with Mitsuru, he seemed more easy to talk down omg, you’ve lost your touch Koga. Also I swear that Midori with his hands bound CG is gonna start an avalanche of sin fanart, he’s got it bad enough with his obsession in putting heroine in a mascot costume as it is. Please stop happy elements.

Having read all the story parts, I can say that Chiaki slightly grew on me, mainly because of his tendency to be all skinshippy around ppl without even realising he’s intruding their personal space lol. He looks like the kind of guy thats always having a good time and if he gets sad it’ll be the end of the world or something. Also a lot of character development going on with this event, even if its just a bit, like Midori facing his trauma with bread and developing his weird ass kink ( ̄∀ ̄*)lolwhat

Burning up! Yumenosaki School Sports Festival‘s event cards:

I’d say I kinda enjoyed the event, wasn’t really expecting it (my prediction was totally wrong but who cares) but it was a nice change in pace because it wasn’t idol related and it looks like its going in the direction of events being grouped by clubs instead of units, who knows. I’m just hoping that for Halloween it’ll just be UNDEADs time to shine. I’m not gonna try to predict anything this time around because I have no idea what the ppl at happy elements are thinking now lol

I won’t be aiming for any 600K event point cards this time around because I’m saving it for something good, I can feel it in my bones that there will be a really good Adonis card or something and I’ll be piss poor with no diamonds, same goes for scouting. Until next event then.

Scout! Deep Sea Mystery
15th September ~ 26th September

Scout Gacha

Scout! Deep Sea Mystery features the Marine Life Club (Kanata, Kaoru and Souma) as well as Yuuta so they can get an even four. The story for these limited gacha cards extends from the sports festival event and somehow everyone winds up in the beach (and Kanata underwater for some reason, even when he said he can’t swim properly). Having all four cards in a unit will trigger the “deep sea mystery” unit skill.

If I didn’t use up all my diamonds last even I would’ve been all over this gacha and got Jellyfish Prince Kanata as soon as it started(even though I used up all my 5* card luck on Keito). I’m honestly curious to why everyone is at the beach and why Kanata in a cute jellyfish jacket. Also I want to witness Kaoru failing to impress the heroine once again. Maybe if happy elements gives out those story keys for free again I could have a sneak peek at the story… mainly because I need that Kanata CG for a wallpaper or something it looks so gorgeous.

Even though I hate to say it but I’m skipping this gacha too, I’m close to 145 diamonds but I’m just really hoping there will be a gr8 4*~5* Adonis event card someday so I can stop holding out.

Anyway, until next event. As always thanks for reading.