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[Game Diary] アイ★チュウ – Ai Chuu | September《#02》”Goodbye my old friend”


Reason why I haven’t done an on time diary on Ai Chuu during an event is becuase my iPod ate all the downloaded data and left just the app just empty. My iPod has done this twice now, mainly because its running out of memory so fast that it decides to do the best thing and clean up apps I haven’t used quite often and sadly it cleaned up and deleted all data from Ai Chuu. One could say it was the sweet release of death.

If I were to redownload it, it would take about 6 hours or more. Last time I redownloaded it after this sort of thing happened it took me about the whole afternoon to get it back (back when it said 2 billion bytes), but now its demanding 3 billion bytes and my heart just can’t take any more. I plan to download it back on my phone and play it sometimes but honestly all the love is gone, nothing but pain happens when I play that game lol

2015-09-14 13.33.39
you aint taking me alive

Its not quite the games fault that my iPod deleted all downloaded data, but I’m taking this as a sign to just stop playing. If I ever get back into playing it, I’ll try to write up some diary entries seeing it’ll be a shame that I just started writing these only to have Ai Chuu die on me.

If this will be my last Ai Chuu diary/experience then I’ll leave this game with this overly dramatic note:

Nothing can fix Ai Chuu’s lag, gotta live with it. Putting the quality down may help.

Ai Chuu was neither hell nor heaven, it was both pain and ecstasy. Nothing earned, nothing gained.

I’ll be taking my GR Akira card to my grave now.