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[Monthly Overview] September Releases 2015


Photograph Journey

Photograph Journey ~ Aisuru Ryokou・Kagawa Hen & Miyazaki Hen – 25th September – honeybee

Yoshiwara Higanbana – 25th September – Maria Crown

*【R18+ For Audiences over 18 years】


PS Vita

YunohanaSpRING! – 17th September – Otomate

Genjikoi Emaki – 17th September – Quinrose

Teikoku Kaigun Koi Bojou – 25th September – D3P

※「薄桜鬼 真改 風ノ章」のバナーに使用されている画像の著作権は、アイディアファクトリー株式会社に帰属します。

Hakuoki Shinkai Kaze no Sho – 25th September – Otomate


One thing to note is that Asgard’s LOVE:QUIZ mobile to PS Vita port has been delayed until the 10th of December instead its intended release date of September 25th. They’re prolly ironing out some bugs and problems that usually comes across when a company ports a mobile game to the vita (audio quality etc), or maybe they’re using that time to paint some eyes on the heroine (I’m kidding, tho eyeless heroines are kind of creepy…)

There should be a movement where ppl draw eyes on eyeless heroines I swear.

September seems like its going to be a dry month, the only game I’m interested in is yunohanaSpRING! and maybe Teikoku with a big question mark at the end because D3P hasn’t been doing well recently and I’m still unsure about it. The only information I know of it is that it has something to do with ships, dudes with brass instruments that might also be sailors and that you’re looking for a spy (?). The only thing that interests me is the art because it reminds me of Hanayaka and maybe because its the same artist lol

I‘ll prolly buy the animate limited edition of yunohanaSpRING! seeing that it’ll be the only game I’ll buy for September and because RiRi’s illustrations are just too cute I ended up not buying animate’s limited edition because the Australian dollar is so weak right now that if I bought it and shipped it with Love Cuisine I’d lose about 30 bucks when exchanging currency, sad as it is (´・ω・`; ) I even tried to get the amiami mousepad of sin but I was too late, preorders closed. In the end I bought it at CD Japan, tho gotta hide that Kintaro 2L poster from public view.

Lately I checked the Cero rating for it and its apparently Cero B (12 years and older) and thats a notch down to what Binary Star was (Cero C, 15+ mainly because of the ‘drugs’) but then I remember that one example CG on their website and I’m thinking “How are they gonna explain this? \(^q^)/”


Honestly I’m just really looking forward to this game, one of the reasons because it will have no bad endings (what a game changer!) Gameplay looks simple enough and is prolly one of those types of games you pick up after a long day and just relax with it. It kind of makes me miss Binary Star lol

And thats the overview for September, hopefully I’ll get more some more content out or something. Still a little lazy and slow but I’ll manage somehow. This overview has been overdue since I got sick for a while, but I still managed to publish it in time.


 This month’s doodle is Koga from Ensemble Stars! To me he seems like the sort of character thats easy to tease with, and because he seems like a snot nosed kid it just makes me beat him up (○゚ε゚○)プププー Maybe I was trying to go for a ahegao or maybe I was going for an expression that looks like he’s about to sneeze because of his allergies I dunno lol

If I can make a good lineart out of this doodle I’ll prolly make a final colored version. Who knows. Then again who wants a full colored picture of a semi-ahegao Koga.

That’s all for now, thanks for reading _(:3 」∠ )_