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[Bunny Diary] Status & Blog update

Apologies for the 1~2 week absence in blog contents. Got hit with the flu that was going around my household and got sick to the point I couldn’t even think straight. With a slightly runny nose right now, I could say that I sort of recovered and should continue creating more content. I even had a few things I wanted to publish before I got hit by the flu, one of them being a breakdown on KLAP’s gameplay. Hopefully I’ll get onto doing that soon enough.


Blog update

I started making monthly diaries on games that I play on a daily basis, few of them being Enstars and Ai Chuu. I think I’ll be doing each of them twice a month whenever an event happens. If I make diary entries on my Touken Ranbu adventures I’ll prolly publish them each time an event happens or something big happens like gaining a new sword or something, so it’ll be infrequent and random.

I’m still thinking in drawing 4komas on games that I’m playing recently, the only thing that is stopping me is my lack of motivation in drawing lol. But I’ll try my best at making it happen.

I’d like to do a short review for the games that kind of flopped for me, won’t necessarily be in-depth character route review more or less just a thought piece on what I felt about that game. Maybe if I have time one day I’ll write a proper one detailing each character route (but Dark Fate would be troublesome with all 12 guys smh)

Also one more thing, I’ve decided to put off playing I DOLL U and Reine des Fleurs because to me they’re kind of slow paced with their beginnings and I kind of have a short attention span. ANother reason is that I’ve been hearing slightly bad things about their endings. I’ll get onto playing them later, I’m not giving up on them just yet. Instead I’ve started to play Amnesia for the vita, English translation because hey why not experience some cage lovin’ lol. I think it’ll be easier to write a review for it because I marathoned the whole anime early this year regrettably and its also all in English so I won’t have to worry if I miss important info.

Status Update

Pretty much readying myself for when Vol 4 of Love Cuisine releases this week because I know I’m gonna feel empty once I listen to it, knowing that the food adventures with Loup & Co. will pretty much end but it kind of also means a new chapter with the new cast for Vol 5~6. Still, I think I’ll be really sad when all of this ends as pitiful as that sounds. I’ll be writing up a review when I finish Vol 4 so I can really express my thoughts there.

As for my cold/flu/whatever it was, I’m still recovering. It’s like my nose is still running even though I should be ok by now. It’s spring here in Australia so I want to enjoy going out without worrying about my runny nose lol

For the majority of my sickness, I had been pushing myself through Enstar’s past event to get Kurou’s card and believe it or not I actually reached to 600K and got his card. I spent about half of my diamonds to get it tho, can’t really say if it was worth it or not but all I can say is that I reached the impossible and I should be proud of that lol

2015-09-09 18.24.46
I’ve yet to get him to bloom but I’m almost there.

Anyway that’s it for the bunny diary. Hopefully I’ll get more things done from here on out and maybe not get distracted so much by Enstar’s never ending events that have really good cards. Tho the upcoming event has me a bit worried seeing a bounded Midori going ‘This is kind of embarassing…’, seriously what are the ppl at happy elements thinking jk 日日日 sensei really has a wild imagination tho jk jk

Until next time~

Thanks for reading