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[Game Diary] あんスタ – Ensemble Stars | September《#01》


31st August ~ 10th September

Departure! Memories and Quarrels Festival Akatsuki & fine event has begun and coincidentally at the same time I caught the flu that’s been going around in my household. I feel awful, how am I supposed to enjoy this event when it feels like theres pins going through my throat, but I’ll power through somehow. This event has about 16 chapters, prolly the most chapters they’ve had for an event so far.

Apparently the main conflict of this event is that Eichi has ordered Akatsuki to disband which then leads to a live festival against Akatsuki and fine. For what reasons? Well you’ll have to find out within the event story. Honestly I don’t even know myself, I think its just Eichi trying to push Akatsuki to be better and to make Keito realise something (maybe help him realise how much of a jerk he is jk jk). I think this event has improved my understanding of Keito and Eichi, more or less it stopped me hating Keito for fun (not really hating on him, just as a joke) but then his personal events show a bit of his softer side and ??? Damn it Keito, why can’t I just hate you for fun. Also wow is Kurou cute in this, more than usual.

protect that smile at all costs

He still treats MC as a kid/his lil sister and he keeps on trying to remind himself that MC is an ‘elegant lady’ and should be treated that way but he always falls into his bad habit (○´艸`)フ゛ハッ Never change Kurou. Still unsure how to feel about Souma, I’m still neutral about him though he had his moments during the event that I admire, he even challenged fine on behalf of Keito who was feeling unwell. One of those moments being that he was acting like a baby to please Hibiki Hibiki actually hypnotising Souma into thinking that he is a baby, which then continues in his live event (I just realised what happened days ago omg) /(^O^)\ナンテコッタ

As usual I still suck at gaining event points, I’ve yet to learn the proper way to earn points real fast. I’ve always ended an event with 100K points and never near getting a 4 star event card. This time I really want to get that Kurou card but its at 600K, how am I to even aim for that. I’m bad at getting to a higher rank but this time I’m either at rank 17,000 or 20,000 which is weird because I have about 30K points and its the second day into the event, I should be at rank 30K. Maybe there aren’t a lot of people trying hard for this event compared to the last event with trickstar (I’m guessing everyone was busting to get a Mao card).

Will give my first born baby for that Kurou card. Last time I got 2 Kurou cards dropped from the boss during the Ra*bits & Akatsuki event and I guess that was all my luck used up because I’ve been getting nothing but bad luck so far with enstars. Maybe one day lady luck will smile upon me once again lol

Departure! Memories and Quarrels Festival‘s event cards:

I wouldn’t say that it’s a boring event, a bit slow maybe. I’ve yet to finish the event story and the second half of the live events (Eichi and Souma) have yet to unlock right now, so we’ll see how it goes. This event did bless us with Kurou’s smile, even though in one of his story’s chapters he was talking about how his smile can be scary to others but honestly? Look at that cute smile. I’ll look forward to the rest of the event, maybe Souma’s live event will give me reason to like him a bit more.

Event highlights so far are:

  • Keito patting MC’s head subconsciously/sometimes on his own will
  • Keito getting dowsed in water
  • Kurou’s smile & just being himself
  • Souma the stronk, carrying Keito like a princess
  • Souma acting like a baby and being humiliated
  • Eichi’s backstory with Keito
  • And this:
i tried my best translating but there are so many mistakes
i tried my best translating but there are so many mistakes

I’m gonna bet for the next event it’ll be 2wink & Ra*bits, maybe it’ll have something to do with autumn (obviously). I wonder what kind of major event in autumn is… *coughmoonviewingfestivalcough* If my prediction is true then I’ll go treat myself with something. We’ll see.

31st August ~ 11th September

Holiday‘s scout cards:

This scout gacha we’re treated to casual summer vacation Hajime, Nazuna, Rei and Arashi. Getting these cards will help you out with Departure! Memories and Quarrels Festival‘s event and having all four cards in a unit will create a unit skill “Off Shot”.

I’ll be skipping out playing this gacha because I have a feeling there will be an undead gacha coming soon (aka an event gacha that will have a rare Adonis card). But how can I say no to these cards, everyone looks so cute especially Hajime. Maybe if I injected my money into enstars I could just go ahead and play this gacha, but there’s always a chance I’ll get a bunch of 3 star event cards and zero 4~5 star event cards and I ain’t risking all my money on that chance.

I’m sorry Hajime, I failed you. Maybe next time.

My predicitions for next event gacha: ADONIS (jk). An undead gacha is overdue and Koga, Adonis and Kaoru have yet to appear in an event gacha. I mean come on happy elements. I don’t care what situation event gacha it is, be it Koga and Adonis in clown outfits or cosplaying, at least deliver some good quality Adonis thank you.

Until the next event, and once again thanks for reading.