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[Anime] Thoughts on… 枕の男子 Makura no Danshi (Mini Review)


What am I even watching

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[PS Vita] Breakdown- KLAP ~Kind Love And Punish~

KLAP ~Kind Love and Punish~ is a “torture” based adventure game/visual novel by Otomate for the PS Vita. Now I would use the word “torture” very loosely when describing this game because there’s some reasoning around the S&M elements, believe me. The basis of this game is you play as an aspiring teacher that somehow lands a job at a school for youkais, where you have the job to both teach these students common sense/behaviours that humans have so they can graduate into going out into the human world and to stop them from going berserk by ‘torturing’ them.

Again, this a breakdown, not a full review. I’ll be just breaking down gameplay elements and systems, rather than stating my opinion or talking about story elements any further than a review would talk about. But in a way it’s kind of like a review anyway.

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[Bunny Diary] Status & Blog update

Apologies for the 1~2 week absence in blog contents. Got hit with the flu that was going around my household and got sick to the point I couldn’t even think straight. With a slightly runny nose right now, I could say that I sort of recovered and should continue creating more content. I even had a few things I wanted to publish before I got hit by the flu, one of them being a breakdown on KLAP’s gameplay. Hopefully I’ll get onto doing that soon enough.

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