[Unboxing] Reine des Fleurs – Limited Edition

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Reine des Fleurs finally came in today after 2 weeks of shipping even though I did ship it off with airmail lol. Too bad it came in when I already had I DOLL U to play through, which I have yet to enter into anyone’s route and I’ve been putting it off for a while. I have a feeling Reine des Fleurs will be a long playthrough too, considering all those endings in the ending list. Looked like Leon had about 10+ endings Σ(=∀=ノノ ヒィィッ!!!

Limited edition comes with a drama CD and small booklet, and because I preordered I got a bonus CD. I have no idea whats the content of these cds except that the limited edition CD came in this really elaborate CD jacket thats really cute. They didn’t really have to put all that effort into making the jacket seeing that it’d be just cheaper to put it the usual plastic case, but I really do appreciate what they’ve done with it. The CD legit pops out like a popup book and I think thats pretty neat.

Seeing that I shopped at CD Japan I also got small posters of Hubert and Orpheus. The Hubert one I’m ok with but the Orpheus one is ??? I don’t want a picture of Orpheus in pain why would you give that out as a bonus lol Without a doubt these two small posters will go into my collection, maybe I’ll put them in a frame who knows.

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As expected Kagero’s illustrations are beautiful, kind of looking forward to unlocking the CGs. The small booklet that comes with the limited edition is a real treat because it has some sketches and a bit of concept art from Kagero. I’d say the limited edition is definitely worth it because of the small art booklet. I think it has modern day scenarios of the guys accompanied by an illustration by Kagero, it’s worth the look but I really don’t want to read it until after I finished playing.

All in all I’d say that 90 bucks was worth it, then again I haven’t played it yet so I could be eating my words soon. I won’t be playing it any time soon unless I drop I DOLL U for a while, then again I’m kind of worried about how many bad ends this game might have considering you can fail at any point. But I’m looking forward to the day I’ll play it, more or less I want to see how this might play out considering the gameplay it has.

Until that day comes…

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