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[Game Diary] アイ★チュウ – Ai Chuu | September《#01》

and she covered my screen for a good 30 seconds
and she covered my screen for a good 30 seconds

Introduction to ‘Game Diary’:

This will be first of prolly many game diary’s on games that I play on a daily basis, starting with Ai Chuu. These might be released each every major event or once a month, where I’ll be blabbering about my game progress and about current events. Hopefully I’ll get these out during, near the start/end of an event (depending on which game series I’m doing). For enstars I’ll prolly be doing twice a month for each event.

For each game I’ll have a special tag dedicated to it, Ai Chuu is ‘Ai Chuu purgatory‘, Enstars will be ‘Enstars hell‘ and if I feel like it I’ll have diary entries on Touken Ranbu tagged under ‘Come home foxy grandpa‘.

Hopefully this will give me an excuse to publish more content lol


Screen shot 2015-08-30 at 6.59.13 PM

So the 4th (i think it’s the 4th) group event is I♥B feat. Lucas’ side story about him and his illustrated children’s book /(^O^)\ナンテコッタ But imo it’s a cute event story because I always see him as an uptight dude that has no fun lol. The event will last for 7 days, more than enough time to get that LE Lucas card right? (No)

In previous events they’ve always managed to add something new to change it up. The first group event with Twinkle Bell was just bare bones, the F∞F event introduced event story that can be unlocked through reaching certain points and the Lancelot event was ??? Issei being an ass and hijacking lives. Tbh I found that event to be really interesting lol maybe I’m becoming a masochist. In this event they prolly thought that ppl are reaching that LE card reward milestone card too fast so now they have designated times to when you can play the Group Event Live.

see you later in 8 hours
see you later in 8 hours

For two times per day, for two hours you can play Mirai Fantasista at 11am~1pm and later at night 10pm~12am Japan Time. Considering I’m here in Australia there’s an hour time difference, so for me its 12pm~2pm. Not quite sure how it is for other time zones, specifically for America.

More or less this live is the best place to farm event points. Preferably playing on HARD or EXPERT difficulty with all the I♥B members, or if it’s lagging terribly I found that 3 members would suffice.

For me it took about 2 days of playing this event to get the mandatory Ai Kid card using LP restoring items when I felt I needed them, mainly playing Mirai Fantasista on HARD when I had the chance and then some other lives when the live closed. Being Rank 41 gave me about 3 lives on HARD, so its better to be at a higher rank when spamming Mirai Fantasista with everything you’ve got. I’ve gotten so numb with this song from spamming it so much its not funny.

But because my iPod can’t really handle games I’m trying to play it safe by restarting the game each time I finish playing a live on HARD, as pitiful as that sounds lol. It turned out to work in the end so I didn’t really lose event points when it crashes after a live. I haven’t tried two lives in a row yet because I don’t want to risk losing precious LP, it’s getting more and more harder to predict when it crashes so its best not to risk it.

Speaking about my iPod playing up, just recently it decided to ‘clean up’ Ai Chuu’s file size because I used up all its memory. Little did I know my iPod deleted all downloaded data and I had to redownload the missing data back, all 2 billion bytes of it. I took about 4~5 hours I think. I couldn’t even play it for the duration, so I’ve made no progress on the event for today.

I’m not gonna pursue getting Lucas’ LE card because I honestly don’t have time for it and I’m gonna get a lot of shit by saying that he’s not exactly my fav character. If I keep on playing it non stop I’ll have no time to do the important stuff, like not drawing or making a blog post and prolly wasting time on touken ranbu or enstars.

fast event points now now now

Screen shot 2015-08-30 at 7.57.45 PM

Now onto re:berserk, the one group that I was looking forward to. I actually got enough CDs for the scout this time but unfortunately I didn’t get any SR re:berserk cards but I at least got two R cards, Eva and Mio. But hey at least I got an SR Akio card out of that scout (๑´ڡ`๑) Also don’t use premium tickets on premium scout. I used 3 tickets on a premium scout and only got 3 R cards that I already had, kinda feel cheated even though I should’ve known better lol

I’ve yet to open Eva’s R/RR story because I’m too busy with the Lancelot cards I got recently and I’m not at a higher rank to see them in the main storyline so I’m still in the dark about whats their schtick and why is there an old jiji that looks like a 12 year old.

One thing I have to say is that Mio has a bit deeper voice than I expected, but then again its prolly a pitch higher than Tetsuya Kakihara’s normal voice. Talking about voice actors, Hiro Shimono really gets around doing rolls for Chuunibyou characters, one might start to think he was a chunnibyou once lol Even for the group song on the daily lives he has a solo where he’s like spouting something about being a vampire ?? what

2015-08-28 14.40.50

The daily live is all right, feels like it’s lacking something but it’s got a good beat to it. In fact I actually like the note pattern for the HARD difficulty, its got a nice feel to it. I’ve yet tried out EXPERT but I have a feeling it’ll be quite hard especially since I couldn’t get an S rank for the score with just my usual team. Pretty much had to go for my strongest team to get an S rank in the end. Either way I’m looking forward to playing more re:berserk lives even tho it’ll be a long time until I unlock their songs.

And thats the end of my dreary diary rant. Expect another one next month (?), seeing the next enstars event will start soon I’ll prolly write one during the middle of the event, maybe.

As always thanks for reading _(:3」∠)_