bunny scribbles


Decided to do some character design for the heroine of Love Cuisine. Of course the heroine is pretty much yourself but I feel like she deserves a bit more individuality if that makes sense lol (Either way it’ll prolly look like I’m making a self insert mary sue But I’ve always pictured her looking something a bit like this, others may have different opinions.

Edit: Seeing that they’ve already made an official design, as shown on Vol4 jacket, I guess my design of what the heroine is not needed. Shame though, because I was getting really attached to this design too lol I guess I could always reuse it some other place. Either way it’s good to have an official design so I can draw proper fanart of it now, win win for everyone.

All in all it was a good drawing exercise, plus I uploaded at least something this week so its killing two birds with one stone ほっほっほ♪( ̄▽+ ̄*)