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This will be my first spotlight. A spotlight is just a corner for me to showcase/talk about a drama cd or game that has piqued my interest. I’ll try my best, even tho I did make mistakes with the translations..

A delicious lifestyle with handsome monsters?!

You are a gourmet reporter who is also an unusual glutton that

only finds happiness from eating delicious food.

One day, you receive a request to help out rebuild a long-established restaurant.

And lo and behold, upon your visit, it turned out to be a “Monster’s Restuarant” full of handsome monsters!

Surrounded by unique and charming monsters, your delicious but a bit scary lifestyle begins now!



Love Cuisine ~Monsters Recipe~ is a series of drama CD’s by EXIT TUNES, that focuses on a little restaurant filled with monsters for staff members, that seems to be at the brink of failing. You, the heroine, are called in by the shop’s owner, Oze Leopardo, for help in getting his shop on track for its reopening, he believes a human’s expertise will help his shop be brought back to prosperity. You are given an ultimatum by Oze, cooperate and help out with the shop’s reopening or have your soul taken away by Helman (who is opposed to the idea). Having no choice you accept the request, your first job is to think of a new menu with the help of the other staff members. You have 10 days until the shop’s reopening.

However it seems Oze knows more than what he leads on to be…

The first volume introduces each character and the later volumes are more focused on three characters per volume (about 20 minutes or less for each character). The volumes are split into two sides, Volumes 1~4 are set ‘in the present’ while Volumes 5~6 are set ‘in the past’.

Each volume has an outro song “Amazing Cuisine”, sung by two characters per volume. Volume 1 had Loup and Vin’s version of ‘Amazing Cuisine’ and Volume 2 had Amin and Franklin’s version of ‘Amazing Cuisine’. The ghost brothers will also have a version for Vol 3 and Vol 4 will prolly be Helman and Oze.



Vol 1~4

(Character descriptions except for the heroine are translated by me from the official website, be warned there are a lot of mistakes so please forgive me)

MC/Heroine (AKA you) Works as a gourmet reporter. Has an unusually gluttonous appetite, seems to get hungry whenever food is brought up. The heroine’s appetite is a mystery in itself and loves just about all food and cuisines, just eating delicious food gives her happiness. Has food on her mind almost most of the time and can’t think of a life without food. Takes on the job to help out with the shop’s renewal opening, even if it will cost her life if she fails. There’s a possibility that the Heroine might be something more than what she appears to be (or maybe thats just me who thinks that).

Loup Galotte | CV: Wataru Hatano

Werewolf | Deputy Chef

Birthday: 30th October (First Love Day) Scorpio | 175cm・64kg | Favorite: Galbi with bone, spare ribs

Son of a world-renowned chef both in the human world and spirit world, Loup is the youngest of five brothers.

Coming from a distinguished and traditional family, his brothers all excel compared to him, giving him a complex of being the youngest son.

He transforms when gazing upon moon-like objects (round & yellow things), changing from his everyday high and mighty self to the complete opposite and becoming quite obedient (like a love sick puppy).

Childhood friend of Vin and Franklin.

Vin Vlad | CV: Ryouhei Kimura
Vin Vlad | CV: Ryouhei Kimura


Birthday: 20th September (Wine Day) Virgo | 177cm・60kg | Favorite: Red wine in general

An unrivalled red wine lover maniac. Theres no stopping him when he talks about red wine .

Commits himself to beauty, often asserting that “The most beautiful thing in this world is my father, then myself”.

A ‘fast worker’ with the ladies. Has the feeling that the scent of the Heroine’s blood may lead to the red wine of his dreams that he has been searching for. Seeks to drink Heroine’s blood whenever there is a chance.

Childhood friend of Loup and Franklin.

Franklin Greenwood | CV: Takuya Satou
Franklin Greenwood | CV: Takuya Satou

‘Frankenstein’ (Frankenstein’s monster) | Food caretaker, appetizers

Birthday: 15th January (Strawberry Day) Capricorn | 194cm・98kg | Favorite: Seasonal Fruits

At first glance, he may seem aggressive but he is attentive, polite in everyday work. Is relied on as the ‘muscleman’.

Even though he is a gentle pacifist, when ballistic he will go into a rampage and destroy the shop.

As he likes small and cute things, he treats the ghost brothers affectionately.

Although being not very talkative, he will talk passionately about the ingredients he grew with commitment as well as the things he cherishes. Childhood friend of Loup and Vin

Rubino & Kokuri | CV: Megumi Ogata
Rubino (Pink) & Kokuri (Blue) | CV: Megumi Ogata

Ghosts | Waiters and Pâtissiers

Birthday: 21st June (Snack Day) Gemini | 136cm・27kg (Bodyweight by appearance) | Favorite: Ice-cream!

Despite their adorable appearance and seemingly innocent behavior, the contents of these two’s conversations are filled to the brim with insults.

Mischievously go through doors and walls to escape/sneak in, and transform into anyone or any thing to spook people.

They can predict when there will be trouble.

Helman took care of them when they were just floating spirits.

Amin Kabechet | CV: Tsubasa Yonaga
Amin Kabechet | CV: Tsubasa Yonaga

Mummy | Waiter and In Charge of Soup

Birthday: 7th April (Health Day) Aries | 162cm・48kg | Favorite: Pumpkin potage

Miraculously has the physique of a klutz, can break anything and occurs failures on a daily basis.

He is usually careful not to enter the kitchen in order not to create any further injuries.

He is an ‘always stay positive!’ hard worker that cannot be discouraged.

Unsuspectingly always respects every staff member with purity to the point that he is unaware that he is being teased by the ghost brothers.

Helman Valkoinen | CV: Kosuke Toriumi
Helman Valkoinen | CV: Kosuke Toriumi

Reaper | Chef

Birthday: 14th March (White Day) Pisces | 179cm・62kg | Favorite: Cheese and Nuts

Loup, Vin, Franklin and Amin’s Guidance clerk as well as the caretaker of all staff members.

A firm character, is strict with time and measures time one way or another with his hourglass.

Has an inseverable tie with Oze from back to their school days in the Spirit world, it seems he has trauma from that past.

When drinking alcohol, he recalls the past and becomes a terrible drunk.

Oze Leopardo | CV: Katsuyuki Konishi
Oze Leopardo | CV: Katsuyuki Konishi

Demon | Shop Owner

Birthday:14th February (Valentine’s Day) Aquarius | 185cm・75kg | Favorite: Black coffee, Spicy cuisines

Aloof from the world and always calm.

Intellectually calculating, everyone is imperceptibly pulled into his pace.

Naturally has strong magic, since boyhood he was always able to stand above the rest.

In the spirit world, theres star existence* but takes to ruthless behaviour occurs a lot, which even Helman holds resentment towards to.

*(I have no idea what is going on with this sentence lol)

Story of vol.5~6

The origin story of “Love Cuisine”

You, who has an ingenious sense of taste and a passion for cooking, had been scouted out by His Excellency Leopardo, a demon who controls the spirit world

Upon orders from His Excellency, you have been appointed as the owner of a Monsters Restaurant in Paris that is undergoing opening preparations

At the same time, His Excellency selected and gathered an overflow of young, beautiful and talented Monster chefs

They are all sons of noble and traditional aristocratic families, who are a difficult to handle set of individuals

In proceedings with the preparations for the opening in Paris, the capital of food & gourmet, an unexpected trouble occurs…

A story before the foundation of Monsters Restaurant “Love Cuisine”



Vol. 5~6

Arthur Gallotte | CV: Kenjiro Tsuda
Arthur Gallotte | CV: Kenjiro Tsuda

Werewolf | Deputy Chef, Meat dishes

Birthday: 2nd April

Has a foul mouthed, confident & rough attitude. Will not recognise you, a human, as the owner and will rebel.

In fact, its easy for him to collapse into being sincere.

In the past, he won a contest in a Grand Prix, held at a famous Paris restaurant “Dîner-en-Mirage”, with his specialities: Beef Fillet and Foie Gras Rossini. For some reason he has stubbornly not made it since then.

Childhood friends with Jeremy and Leonhardt.

Loup Gallote’s father.

Jeremy Vlad | CV: Daisuke Namikawa
Jeremy Vlad | CV: Daisuke Namikawa


Birthday: 11th December

Best boaster of his good looks in the spirit world, a narcissist but a genius Sommelier.

Loves women, wine and romance stories.

Always does things his way, appears to be cheerfully behaved, concerned over troubled friends, and also encouraging. Attracted to the heroine, but he is anguished between love and his vampire instincts to seek her blood.

Childhood friends with Arthur and Leonhardt.

Vin Vlad’s father.

Leonhardt Greenwood | CV: Keiji Fujiwara
Leonhardt Greenwood | CV: Keiji Fujiwara

‘Frankenstein‘(Frankenstein’s monster) | Food caretaker, in charge of appetizers and vegetable dishes

Birthday: 21st February

Nickname is “Leo”.

Despite having a large build and possessing superhuman strength, he is calm and is gentle to anyone, thinking of them as a friend.

Would shamelessly say lines that would make everyone embarrassed but is inexperienced when it comes to women or love. In fact, from early childhood he was quite popular but he was never aware of this.

Childhood friends with Arthur and Jeremy.

Franklin Greenwood’s father.

Ash Valkoinen | CV: Akira Ishida
Ash Valkoinen | CV: Akira Ishida

Reaper | Chef, seafood dishes

Birthday: 10th October

With extensive knowledge, he is the spirit world’s most versatile chef.

He hates wasting time and useless conduct. As the team’s eldest, he acts as the juinor chef’s mentor, always keeping a strict eye on their actions.

Usually a serious and stubborn type, but gets out of control when he switches to ドS mode.

Helman Valkoinen’s uncle.

Horus Kabechet | CV: Hiro Shimono
Horus Kabechet | CV: Hiro Shimono

Mummy | Pâtissier and Waiter

Birthday: 16th June

Nickname is “Hor”.

He self consciously pretends to be a klutz in front of women. A lil’ devil that is good at being spoilt. In the human world, he worked at a Paris Opera Company as “A singing and dancing Pâtissier” top star, is proud of his Idol status.

He is sharp tongued in front of men, often taking an offensive attitude against older guys.

Prince of a Middle Eastern Kingdom.

Amin Kabechet’s father

Product Details

Love Cuisine ~Monster Recipe~ is animate exclusive, meaning its a bit hard to grab your hands on it some place else and if you’re not a resident of Japan it also means it’ll be twice as a hard to obtain it unless you use forwarding services like I had (I used Big In Japan‘s forwarding service, at the time I paid around 2,000+ yen forwarding Vol 1&2 which was also bundled with another CD I purchased as well as a bonus poster for Vol 1. All in all it was at a good rate, well it was for SAL shipping).

As costly as it is compared to most drama CD’s it makes up for it in quality in packaging, disc design, bonuses and audio quality. As stated before I also received a B2 poster as a bonus for purchasing Vol 1 but it seems that it was one of the last ones because I don’t see it as a bonus on animate’s site. More or less I wasn’t expecting much in extra stuff but they sure delivered.

Release dates are as followed:

  • Vol 1: 17th June 2015
  • Vol 2: 15th July 2015
  • Vol 3: 19th August 2015
  • Vol 4: 16th September 2015
  • Vol 5: 21st October 2015
  • Vol 6: 18th November 2015

*Love cuisine is 2,600 yen plus 208 yen in tax for one volume.

Expect a review and maybe fanart/drawings/comics of Love Cuisine in the future! (maybe) I’ll prolly talk more about Love Cuisine in detail and my thoughts on it in the review.

If you’re interested in this series and want to have it for yourself please consider supporting it through purchases instead of illegal downloading. More or less for the sakes of those who worked hard on it and the series.

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