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[Monthly Overview] August Releases 2015


Hana Awase Karakurenai/Utsutsu Hen – 19th August – 月花 


Taisho Alice Episode III – 28th August – Primula


PS Vita


Reine des Fleurs – 20th August – Otomate

Romeo vs Juliette – 20th August – QuinRose

Ayakashi Gohan ~ Oomori!~27th Augusthoneybee

*Delayed to: 8th October

Jyuzaengi Engetetsusangokuden 1・2 – 27th August – Otomate

【Starry☆Sky 応援中!】

Starry Sky ~Spring Stories~27th Augusthoneybee

*Delayed to: 12th November

RearPheles Red of Another – 27th August – Matatabi

By the looks of it, August is the month of the ports as well as the month honeybee decides to delay games for months lol

There’s only a few on this list that piques my interest, though I have yet to preorder anything for this month. I’m currently going through the turmoil of either buying Reine des Fleurs like I usually do at CD Japan or just go ahead and treat myself with an animate set. The same goes for YunohanaSpRING! with its animate and stellaworth sets featuring RiRi’s cute illustrations

I’ve never shopped at stellaworth before but I’m thinking of trying it out one day because their sets are too good to pass up. I really wouldn’t mind spending some cash on YunohanaSpRING!, mainly because the game reminds me of Binary Star in many ways lol (tho that might be because RiRi was the illustrator for both of them)

I kind of worry about playing Reine des Fleurs because a) I can’t read kanji properly and might make a mistake with choices and its ‘battle system’ b) I kind of worry about it having too many bad ends because I have the feeling I’ll be making mistakes that will cost Violette’s or the guys’ lives. All in all I’m worried that I’ll botch my playthrough in many ways lol But I won’t let that phase me.

Anyway that was this month’s report, hopefully the stuff I ordered last month will come in soon. I’m looking at you Love Cuisine, it better come in tomorrow or else I will have to cease using forwarding services lol


This month’s poorly colored doodle is Loup (the p is silent lol) from Love Cuisine. When looking for reference images I could only see glimpses of what seemed like his tail, which to me kind of reminded me of a shiba inu’s tail so thats why I drew his tail more like a shiba inu ( ̄∇ ̄;) ハッハッハッ Maybe Loup isn’t really a werewolf and is just a shiba inu. As always thanks for reading (* ̄▽ ̄)ノ~~ マタネー♪ Until next month~