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[Bunny Diary] An Update and what is happening

Unfortunately this diary does not contain pictures of bunnies.


This isn’t exactly an update I had in mind, this is more like a status report. I still have something else in mind on posting but I’ll leave that till later. It’s about midnight and I’m kind of exhausted from all that typing for that Ai Chu Breakdown. I felt like I had to update this blog with something so I went with that, thinking I’d only do a little breakdown and then do a review with it but then whoops what did I just do I wrote a whole paper on Ai Chu. If only I could be that enthusiastic about my assignments ( ̄∀ ̄)

Anyway I updated the blog with a better theme and I feel good about this one, now all I need to do is put in some effort and make some proper banners lol. Tho I don’t understand why wordpress charges you for changing the color scheme of your theme? I’m guess I’m stuck with green forever. Also I made a twitter? At least I got that off my checklist. It’s hard to balance it with my private twitter account but I’ll find a way.

I’m planning to make these diary updates little as possible and prolly in 4koma so I won’t have to type so much, then again drawing is a struggle. I’m prolly gonna dedicate these days to this blog, especially now that I’ve seemed to stopped playing games that have consumed most of my time (I’m looking at you, Ensemble Stars), and by stop I mean playing in small consideration.

Talking about playing things in small consideration I finally finished Kamakiyo’s route after all these years. I wasn’t putting it off because I don’t like him, more or less I was afraid of finishing the route(´▽`*)アハハー After finishing his route all I wanted to do was get on my roof and scream what a cute guy Kamakiyo is and then cry because I finished his route. I never wanted it to end tbh. Hopefully I can power through Nin Koi, which I mean I’m gonna keep on playing it just before I sleep at 3 am lol

On another topic, I had to decide not to get I DOLL U limited edition because I prolly blew my money on another order and that’d be my budget for the month. Regretting it now but I gotta just move on. Regular edition is good enough, tho I worry it’ll arrive at the same time I get KLAP because I really don’t want to push it back somewhere and never get to play it. I even had to put off buying Rose Perfumer CD thing… I’m just wishing that 3 left in stock on cd japan’s site stays like that until next month.

Now onto the thing that’s gotten my whole world turned upside down:

Love Cuisine ~Monster Recipe~

When I found out it can only be bought in Animate I was torn in two. A) I never bought anything using forwarding services B) This series is really making me love it more and more C) 2,600 Yen per CD+ tax + forwarding service = I’m gonna die

I can’t believe I ordered it in the end. Now I have two of those CDs preordered plus the Nadenade CD Another and I’m clasping my hands wishing that everything will go smoothly and I’ll get these babies home safely. If it works then I’m gonna use it only on special occasions for the stuff I can’t find, such as this months issue of B’s Log and its Animate’s premium edition with Enstars pillow case that has my sweet Adonis on it (´,_ゝ`)ぷ

So far the only thing I ordered last month that arrived was yuroma Zakuro CD. I’m kind of planning on doing a review on it. I’m waiting for that conbini kareshi mook thingy to arrive so I can find out if it’s just about dudes talking about convenient stores for 70 minutes, I’d sign up for that.

That’s all from me, I prolly forgot a few stuff but nows the time to sleep (¦3[___]