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[Monthly Overview] July Releases 2015

While everyone else is enjoying summer, I’m here freezing my butt off in the southern hemisphere during the midst of the coldest winter I’ve ever experienced in my entire life. So there’s nothing like a good game that can warm up one’s heart and soul, and it seems July is going to be a busy month for releases.


July for me is something I’ve been anticipating since I started getting into otome games mainly because KLAP will release this month (○´艸`). Finally a game that will use PS Vita’s touch screen to its full extent(´▽`*)アハハー.

Even with all these games coming out this month I don’t think my wallet can handle it so I’ll have to sadly skip out on a few games (which I’ll prolly buy later). But look on the bright side, at least I’m getting KLAP’s limited edition in exchange, even if it may not be the spectacular animate set (I still have no idea how to shop using proxies).

So here’s July’s Otome Game lineup:

I DOLL U – 16th July – Otomate

SWEET CLOWN ~午前三時のオカシな道化師~ 応援中!
Sweet Clown – 16th July – TAKUYO

Vamwolf Cross† – 23rd July – D3P

※「KLAP!! ~Kind Love And Punish~」のバナーに使用されている画像の著作権は、アイディアファクトリー株式会社に帰属します。

KLAP!! ~ Kind Love and Punish~– 30th July – Otomate

プリンス・オブ・ストライド 2015年7月30日(木)発売
Prince of Stride – 30th July – KADOKAWA Games

Zettai Meikyū Himitsu no Oyayubi Hime – 30th July – Karin Entertainment

Alice in the Country of Hearts ~Wonderful Wonder World~ – 30th July – Quin Rose

breakVamwolf Cross seems to be getting its released date pushed back a lot I wonder if its ok (´・ω・`). Speaking of dates being pushed back, RearPheles release date has been moved to next month (27th August). Tbh I was kind of put off by its slenderman-esque 3D escape part… more or less I hate doing things under a time limit and being chased at the same time lol, tho its a shame seeing it has such nice artwork and the characters are prolly ok too.

As for I DOLL U, I’m thinking of purchasing it but seeing that I already have Nin Koi to play through and KLAP releasing at the end of the month I don’t think I could squish it in. Even if I were to purchase I’d still have the agonising moral descision of getting either the regular or limited edition. I’m trying to save up money for a rainy day but otomate is running me dry with these games (´・ω・`)どうしよう… In the end I’d always regret not getting the limited edition so lol, I guess that decides that then.

I was thinking of adding drama CDs to these monthly overviews but where am I to begin? There are so many drama CD series that I find out of the blue that its hard to keep track of them lol. As of now I still have no idea what I’m gonna do with this blog, hell I still have no idea how to change the blogs ‘favicon’. This blog is still a work in progress, I’ve still yet to make a proper header picture lol, but I’ll get there somehow.

Just 28 days to go until KLAP releases now…. please wake me up when July 30th comes _(:3 」∠ )_


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