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[Unboxing] Shinobi Koi utsutsu- Setsugen Kakkoi Emaki & Status Update

smol package but filled with hopes and dreams

Not really an unboxing when theres not much there in the first place

As expected, Shinobi Koi arrived today (well now its midnight) and I still curse at my past self for not preordering the limited edition. Well its all in the past now, no changing it. Any who, for those who preordered Shinobi Koi will get a bonus drama cd with the main cast (excluding the new characters in the vita port), each character has a track dedicated to them it seems.


Seeing that I shopped at neowing/cd japan I also got an exclusive bonus of two nicely printed posters of Daisuke and DT four eyes (Kamakiyo). To be honest when I read it as “2L-sized portrait” I was expecting something big and printed on flimsy paper but they’re surprisingly small and well made. I’m kind of afraid to pin them on my wall and leave holes in the posters lol



Seeing that I never owned a PSP or the original game and only read stuff about it in magazines, I’m really hoping it’ll be a fun experience to play, especially after the luck I had with previous games…. which brings me onto my status update.

So as far as I know, I’ll be dropping Possession Magenta for a while and prolly coming back to it when theres a drought in released games. I kind of wanted to keep on going with it but after going through three “routes” I felt mentally exhausted.

As for Diabolik Lovers: Dark Fate, I’ve only got one route to go and Subaru’s bad ends but I’m not quite keen on finishing that yet. As fun as it was sitting through weird and hilarious bad endings I think it’s time to take a big long break from it after playing routes back to back. May think of doing mini reviews on these two games but who knows.

I was hoping on playing Shinobi Koi/Nin Koi today, but it kind of arrived at a bad time. My internet was back up and running so I could download Ai★Chu, which needed to download about three times for some reason?, Ensemble Stars has a new event going on, I was in the middle of drawing something stupid and I had yet fixed this blog so I could do my first blog post which would be Nin Koi’s unboxing. Theres always tomorrow but I have a feeling I’ll just end up playing it right after I post lol

Kind of thinking of making a separate twitter account for this blog, instead of linking to my private one. But I guess I’ll leave that for next time.

_(:3」∠)_ Now I’m gonna sleep…. with my PS Vita next to me… playing Nin Koi…